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  1. FManke not sure where in Canada you are headed but beaver tails are amazing! Think churros but flat topped with lots of sweet stuff! Also, i agree with poutine too!
  2. Can anyone out there comment on sailing out of NJ in early March (to the Bahamas) and how rough or calm the waters are the first day out and the last day back? We have never sailed from NJ before and none of the other Caribbean or Mediterranean sailings have bothered us in the past but I have heard about rougher waters in the Atlantic.... Another thing I was wondering about is which side of the ship gives you a better view of the NY/Manhattan skyline when sailing out? Also looking for recommendations for a nice 3 or preferably 4 star hotel near the port? Last question...if we fly in the day before what is the best way to get to the terminal the next day? Car service? Taxi?
  3. We tried it on the Harmony two weeks ago. It was delicious! I want to go back just thinking about it ?
  4. Just found this now...Harmony of the Seas-August 19. 18 more sleeps...so excited!
  5. Another question...On Harmony of the Seas if you are in sky class do you get "front of the line" privileges in the MDR for MTD. So basically if I did not make a reservation and I wanted to eat there is there a separate line/booth to go to for sky class members and I would not have to wait?
  6. Chrisd596...thank you so much for posting this. This is something that has been on my mind for quite a while. My husband and I fell in love with RC years ago and have taken many cruises with them. However, a few years ago when our kids were 4 & 6 we decided to take them cruising and left RC for DCL mainly for better shows for the kids and activities for them. We have sailed with DCL twice now with the kids (3rd one booked for this December) and have also gone back to RCL (without the kids) and I completely agree with everything that you have posted, except for the men's washroom part cause I would have no clue about that . Anyway, our kids are now 9 & 11 and we are giving some serious thoughts to taking them on RCL but still worried they will be bored. They are not big into sports. What they love on DCL is the pools, the shows, and the free disney movies available in the staterooms. The ship we are looking at is Anthem in March. I guess what I am asking is this for anyone out there who might have suggestions....is Anthem a good choice for the whole family or should I be looking at Oasis class (which we have been on many times but kids have not) or the Freedom class (which we have never been on)? Any input or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
  7. That is what I was leaning towards too...keep my deluxe pkg. Thanks :)
  8. Thanks so much for all the info! Love that everyone on these boards are so helpful. Going to throw two more questions out there that I thought of.... 1. Is it true that with sky class you have a complimentary pass for the thermal suite? One day or all week? 2. With the new changes in the room service menu, can you still order anything from the MDR for in-room dining and is the $7.95 waived on all room service orders regardless of what menu they come from?
  9. I have also purchased the deluxe beverage package but have heard that in sky class I might not need it. What type of beverages are offered in the sky lounge?
  10. So excited! We just upgraded to a grand suite for our August HOTS cruise. We have never stayed in a grand suite before so I was hoping those of you out there who are familiar with sky class benefits could answer a few questions: 1. What exactly does priority disembarkation get you? Do you get to walk off the ship and bypass all lines on the last day? 2. What is Priority Dining reservations? 3. What seats do they reserve for you at shows? Front? Middle? And do they reserve a set number for all suite guests or as requested? 4. How do you make reservations to CK? It's not on my cruise planner. Do we have to wait till we get there? Also, if anyone has other comments, tips or suggestions I would love to hear it. Thanks in advance :)
  11. Oh ok. Good to know. Hopefully that doesn't change much by August. Thanks!
  12. Just wondering...are you finding that the drink package keeps you covered for most drinks so far? Or have the raised most prices so that it is past the $12 limit?
  13. Love the cabin ? We cannot bring ourselves to make the plunge for a Loft suite......love to know what you think of it after this week.
  14. So what did you think? Was it worth it compared to the Jr. Suite? That's what we have right now....
  15. Just noticed the price for a CLS (L1) has dropped considerably on my Harmony sailing this August. Thinking about upgrading especially with the OBC offer right now. Anyone out there have any experience in these suites? Is it worth it? It's just my husband and I. I know that VOOM is included but would I still need a drink pkg with the CLS? Any input would be much appreciated.
  16. I really miss the midnight buffets 😉
  17. The lady I spoke with today from Royal said Alaska and year round Caribbean/Bahamas. She did not mention seasonal sailings.
  18. FYI...just spoke to someone from the Crown&Anchor desk...2018-2019 year round Alaska sailings to be released on the 15th and year round Caribbean/Bahamas on the 16th.
  19. Was wondering about Wonderland & Jamie's on the Harmony.
  20. What exactly does the cover charge get you for dinner at Wonderland and Jamie's? One appetizer, one entree, and one dessert? Or can you order more than one of each like the MDR?
  21. We're sailing the Harmony in August. Booked it last August and we were able to book the beverage package right after we put our deposit down. Shore excursions, spa, and internet were also available on the cruise planner at that time. I was then able to get in and book dining at specialty restaurants and reserve MTD times at the beginning of February (so about 7months out and I was pleasantly surprised by that). Just waiting for entertainment to open up now. When we sailed the Allure last July I could not get dining until about 90 days out. I would say just keep checking your cruise planner. It seems to vary by ship and sail date.
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