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  1. @twangster’s explanation is better than everyone’s. It’s hard to beat a bot. 😉
  2. Interesting...the only time I have heard of that happening is when the TA marks it to go to them only. The FCC belongs to the passenger, it "should" go to you direct.
  3. Quantum, up till now, does not have Royal Suite Class (Sea, Sky, Star) because she sailed out of China. Sailings out of China do not have the Royal Suite Class program. There has been a lot of talk (and no answers) as to whether that will change for Quantum she she arrives to sail Alaska. Not to my knowledge. Except the sailings out China. They have a different suite class system.
  4. Return time on the FCC can really vary. Royal will send you an email directly and your TA (that the sailing was booked through) might also receive a copy of it.
  5. Why is yours so early? Mine is not until late August. It's a short sailing, 75 days prior.
  6. That's exactly what we did. We are booked on the inaugural sailing (losing hope for it by the day) and we also have Navigator booked for the same time. If Odyssey is a go, we'll cancel Navigator. If not, then we have a plan B.
  7. If it shows up online, it is available. Even if it says along the top that it is not, that means there is one left. You have to call Royal or call your TA to book it.
  8. Once the sailing (the one you applied the FCC to) is done, you can then use the remainder to apply it to another booking.
  9. That sounds like great insight! 😉😄
  10. Most definitely yes! I currently have 4 double bookings going on. That Odyssey sailing that you are on is one of them. As long as you don't mind your money tied up in deposits, it's totally fine.
  11. For us, the deal breaker is going to be the 14 day Quarantine Act in Canada, and the border restrictions. If those are lifted, we are going. Looking at the types of bookings I have between now and spring 2021 and our personal style when cruising, dining isn't going to be an issue, the mask is not a deal breaker (as long as it's in public areas only), and I have not been #teamWJ for a very long time.
  12. The same thing happened to us. We got our FCCs back and there were 4 of us. The total was split evenly by 4. I was concerned about applying this at first because passenger 3&4 never pay that much. However, my TA assured me that as long as you are applying the FCC for the same 4 people, the amounts don't matter. They will just look at the total. She was able to get the FCC (with the even amounts) applied without a problem to my final payment this past week.
  13. I also, have heard of a few cases where they were able to transfer the FCCs as a result of cancellations due to the pandemic. YMMV
  14. Actually, that was one of the rare ones the went down quite a bit closer to final payment!
  15. The only issue I have with refundable, that no one has brought up yet, is that most times, prices goes up as you get closer to final payment, not the other way, at least not on sailings that I have tracked over the last few years. So if you book a refundable, and count on changing that to a non-refundable down the road (closer to final payment), the price may have jumped a lot by then, making the non-refundable more than you originally booked the refundable for. This was just one disadvantage that I thought of just now. Who knows how this pandemic will change these trends, but just something I noticed over the years.
  16. @Neesa I was supposed to be on the same sailing as @Ogilthorpe on 3/15. I got my FCC and cruise planner/taxes refund all back on 5/4. So you might be waiting a while. On our roll call group (we kept that running to see how long it was taking for people to get their FCCs and money back) there are still some people today who have nothing yet.
  17. @JLMoran is correct. I usually book non-refundable and I have re-priced many times, the $100pp change fee is not involved in that. The only time you get charged the $100pp change fee is when you cancel completely or change ship/sail date. I have only happen once like @JLMoran described, it was when I went from two connecting cabins to one, because ultimately, that involved "cancelling" one cabin. A re-price, you are not changing ship/sail date.
  18. Keep in mind they also laid off a lot of their agents. Add that in with the much higher volume of calls and wait times are a nightmare.
  19. There is sometimes an even bigger difference between refundable and non-refundable. IMO, if you don't mind getting back FCC, then with CWC, non-refundable is the way to go. It's cheaper.
  20. CWC allows you to cancel up till 48 hours prior to sailing, but you only get back FCC. Refundable deposit is only refundable up until final payment.
  21. The hold times are awful. My TA has been on hold almost all day trying get FCCs applied to my sailing for final payment.
  22. I have heard lately that some people have had luck getting their FCC transferred to someone else's name. It really is going to depend on who you get on the other end of the phone.
  23. +1 on this. Mask or no mask is not a deal breaker for me, but I don't see either how they can't require a mask for public areas. Look at Disney Springs opening this week. Mask is mandatory for anyone 3+.
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