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  1. Right there with you my friend. We just deposited for a sailing on Voyager in July 2024. Go big or go home. That is the theme for 2024. Running of time and squeezing in as much as we can with her before grad and university.
  2. @NeesaI just finally went through this blog now and your cruise is already over! I feel terrible, this past week and a half has been so crazy (life and work) that I've barely been on the boards. Finally had time to sit down today to find this, oh my! At first I was so happy for your RU, and then in shock at the problems in that cabin. You and the fam have the most amazing attitude. I am happy that in the end, it was great sailing for you. We had Jamie on Indy back in2018. I have often wondered what happened to him as he is one of our favourite Cruise Directors. Hubby says that he reminds him of James Corden. I wasn't sure he came back after covid but good to see that he is still with Royal. Quick question, you asked the concierge about the GT and he said it was reserved and then you got the RU on it?
  3. Personal choice. General consensus ranges from about $100pp to $100 per day, depending on how happy you are and the level of service.
  4. @dodgestang or anyone else that has done this private session, I am assuming the photos are post process/edited right?
  5. Symphony is due for dry dock in Spring 2023. Maybe they will make adjustments to her for NJ? Just another thought.
  6. I just saved a bit over $1300 for 4 of us on a Canada/NE sailing for next August!
  7. Feedback on her is pretty good. She's not new, she has been a genie for a while. I believe she was on SY for a while and now on OA.
  8. It was. But all the TA holds expired yesterday and now there is some availability again.
  9. Yeah, SC on Icon requires a $600pp deposit.... I think it will be a while before I try SC on Icon. I cannot justify the pricing for it. You should do the inaugural with us.
  10. Update. I can now book shows for my Symphony 12/31/22 sailing. Has to be done in the cruise planner. App shows nothing.
  11. There are others reporting on FB that they can do this for Wonder and Oasis in December. I checked for my December Symphony sailing and nothing.
  12. I agree, a stairwell would be perfect. To be honest, it a hike to get anywhere from those loft suites on Anthem, but that unobstructed aft view is so worth it! I completely loved that suite, and I don’t even like Anthem that much. But I would take those grand lofts in the back any day!
  13. Do not take those corner lofts! @WAAAYTOOOcan tell you more about them but they are much smaller than the middle lofts. We had 10724 and loved it. I have heard mixed reviews about ones on Deck 8. Some are bothered by the noise and some are not. Guess it depends on how early you all go to bed. Here is a blog that @GregDand I did in this past summer. We had the two middle lofts on Deck 10. There are photos of the suites in the blog. https://www.royalcaribbeanblog.com/boards/index.php?/topic/33005-“the-starry-neighbor-neighbour-chronicles-pining-for-the-fjords”-–-anthem-of-the-seas-july-8th-15th-2022/
  14. We have only been one so far (Indy 2018). Yes, they still had Christmas decor up, the main party was in the promenade, there were smaller parties in other bars and lounges, and they had a special NYE themed menu in the MDR. We are doing another NYE sailing on Symphony this year and then booked for NYE next year on Odyssey. Can't wait!
  15. Booked the inaugural! Our last inaugural was Oasis in 2009 and she was the biggest and brightest back then. Thought it was fitting that we do the Icon inaugural too.
  16. I was able to book a cabin that holds 4 at 2am this morning with just Hubby and I on the reservation....
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