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  1. I did the Beach beds for my February cruise. Despite the weather being a little iffy I enjoyed them and would take it again. Nice spot on the beach with a few people by you that also rent the boats. The night before you'll order lunch at Wonderland. The one price includes 4 people to stay on the bed, which for two couples, is worth it. If you have other events scheduled you will not lose the bed, however, you can't leave your belongings there. You'll get 2 loungers, 2 floating mats, 4 large bottles of water in a cooler, and the bar is a 1 min walk away. You'll get transportation via the tractor pulling the cart from the south beach or you can really walk the beach for a nice view which is about a 10 minute walk. The water right by the beds are very shallow. Some areas you need to walk out far to even swim. Also there was one spot where it was soft sand and you sunk in. Wear some type of water shoes. Hope this helps :] Edit: This was on the Anthem Cruise out of NJ
  2. I'm pretty sure the difference is just the bigger balcony and placement on the ship whether you're on the hump of the ship or just a wider balcony. I just finished the cruise with the standard balcony on anthem which was more than enough room in my opinion on Anthem. Had a two chairs and foot rests to lay in the sun with.
  3. Heading out on Anthem of the Seas tomorrow February 19th 2017. Can't wait. First cruise !
  4. And if it was booked online in advanced? Just on board credit then?
  5. What happens when you have shore excursions and the weather doesn't hold up? I'm assuming rain or shine non refundable ?
  6. Thanks for the input. I'll have to see what they say. Leave this Sunday on Anthem! :)
  7. In my cruise planner they are offering a wine tasting for 17 per person plus gratuity. I already purchased the deluxe drink package so would the wine flights (2oz) be included to do something like this? Thanks, Sorry for the misspelled title
  8. The only positive sale that I thought was worth it was the deluxe drink package with zoom for one device which came to $49 per day. Funny thing was that it was CHEAPER than when I had purchased the drink package for $48 dollars per day because when I got charged for gratuity, they seemed to have subtracted the cost of the zoom and then based it on that price. That was during their black friday sale.
  9. Not my video but around the 1:40-1:55 mark you can see the beds and cabanas https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p4-PsyIY78E
  10. Thanks for the update. I'll just park in the parking garage..
  11. Nice. Hows the parking there? Is there a lot of spots or will it fill up quickly ?
  12. Doing an Anthem cruise in February and was thinking about driving. Has anyone used the Bayonne Cruise Parking on New Hook Road which is 1.5 miles away from the port? A lot cheaper than parking in the garage. Any feedback would be great :) Commuting from L.I
  13. Great. Good to hear. Dont sail off till February. Thanks for taking the time and responding. (:
  14. That may be the reason. My cruise is still 85 days away. You may be able to call on monday and ask to see if your cruise is eligible for that upgrade.
  15. Had a drink package already planned for my February anthem cruise and paid 48 per person per day. Was able to cancel and rebook the deluxe and voom package for $49 per person per day and for some reason the total was less than what I originally booked. I'll take that. :)
  16. Just booked one for February. Hear they're a new item for cococay. Anyone experience them yet. $125 for a designated spot.
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