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  1. For anyone here that isn't in the FB group, there are some events posted there. Check 'em out if you like... https://www.facebook.com/events/984893578665037/
  2. Ha! It was Sunday, so thinking "next week". I had a PCR test at work on Friday, voluntary. Free, so I figured, let me know now if there's an issue. It was negative. Definitely makes me feel better about a negative antigen test on Wednesday.
  3. 1900 people in my town have tested positive over the past few weeks. I live in a town of 12,000. That’s a significantly higher percent of the population than on any cruise ship since the restart. Meanwhile, where’s the article about my town? These announcements need to be taken with a grain of salt. Also, with omicron’s transmissibility I think what we will be seeing is everyone is going to get COVID eventually. It’s just a question of, is it so slight that you don’t even notice? Or is it so bad that you have to go to a hospital (or worse!). And everything in between.
  4. I agree with this. It’s not very funny how people on this board will passive aggressively laugh at a post as a sign of disagreement. It’s annoying already.
  5. Bait and switch? They want maskless. But even more they want safe cruising. Another event like early 2020 could lead to their bankruptcy. It’s not personal.
  6. We’re still going. We’re all nervous about our tests next week. But trying to be positive about being negative. My daughter and I both work in NYC. If we test positive, what can we do. Sigh. We will just be disappointed and deal with it.
  7. This is a bit dated by now, but I still like it... The Almost Complete Food Lovers Guide to the Oasis of the Seas Edit: We were on Oasis in October. Portside BBQ was very good! Worth the small upcharge.
  8. I always park in the lot. It's not cheap, but also not ridiculous. The biggest factor is that the convenience is absolutely worth it. Our last names perhaps? Part of mine at least. ____________________________________________ @Ampurp85& @JLMoran - another big D&D player from back in the day.
  9. Hey everyone. Take TWO on this cruise that we had booked in May, 2020. I bet you can guess what happened to that one! Plan is for getting to Hawaii a couple days before and staying 1-2 days in Vancouver. Hope to see plenty of you join us!
  10. My appointment at ClearMD is 2 days before my cruise. I believe for a little more $$$ they will do a rapid PCR test. Looked it up: Express PCR - 2 PM the next day $95 or Priority RT-PCR in 2 hours $389. The former would seem to fit your needs.
  11. We have Chef's Table booked for Christmas Day. Price was normal.
  12. I work in LIC. I am going here for my test: https://www.clearmdhealth.com/astoria I also thought about going here: https://www.citymd.com/urgent-care-locations/ny/queens/long-island-city/252, but I hear the lines can be very long. There are also several CVSes in the area where you can schedule a test. Plus the at-home option is a good one as @Mattsaid.
  13. Coco Beach Club cabana. Just two of us. We tipped $100. Could have given more. They were worth it.
  14. Thanks for the video of your new cabin @CHRIS WONG. I hope you enjoy it.
  15. I agree about taking the PATH into NYC. It's really very easy from Jersey City.
  16. Those labels are ITCHY! I've found some years later.
  17. I had Ovation booked for May, 2020 - Hawaii to Vancouver. I believe I will be rebooking the same cruise for May, 2023. Woo hoo! Excited!
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