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  1. Oh. Sorry my comment bothered you so much. I’d like it to make me a ham sandwich. I’m sure that’s possible too.
  2. Most people's GPS isn't working on the cruise, either by design or by choice. Are you suggesting they triangulate your location based on wifi routers in the area?
  3. Completely agree with this. I had an issue on my last cruise, a few issues actually, and my first thought was, "I wish I could report this on the app!"
  4. I can't really say. I had a pre-paid 3-night dining package.
  5. Didn't spend much time in the indoor pool area. But I was in the Solarium every day.
  6. Yes, but the ships are smaller also. So something to factor into that. Also, I LOVE the Sunset Bar on Celebrity.
  7. Never saw one crew member ask someone to wear a mask in the Solarium. Every other fully indoor place, I did see it.
  8. For the December 24th sailing, crew told me 3400. That's around 75%. But only 65% of cabins were filled. 900 children on the cruise. That's a big drop a week later.
  9. Almost everyone was wearing a mask in the Solarium while walking around. Almost no one was wearing a mask while sitting in a lounge chair. I mean, if you're in the pool or hot tub, you're not wearing a mask. If you're drinking you're not wearing a mask. If you're at the Solarium bar, you're probably not wearing a mask. If you're sitting you should be wearing a mask? Didn't make a whole lot of sense. The captain did announce it during his daily report always adding, "...including in the Solarium." None of the crew was enforcing or trying to enforce. One other thing. The Solarium on Quantum class is completely enclosed. Other ships are at least partially open.
  10. I agree with what you said here @twangster. I really enjoy Celebrity. I also really enjoy Royal. They want to be a "luxury line", but they're still mostly mainstream. Just a bit of a step up from Royal. Definitely not a giant leap. One thing you left out (or two) are the Aqua class dining room and the Suite class dining room, Blu and Luminae. Costal Kitchen on Royal is great, but to me both of these are a step above. Aqua class cabins are regular balcony cabins with a special dining room designed to be "healthier". In practice, the food is as healthy as you make it. You can still eat a plate of bacon every morning if you like. Also, on Celebrity if you're in a Sky Suite you're considered a full suite guest. The Sky Suite is like a Jr. Suite on Royal and on Royal you're treated like a semi-suite guest in a Jr. Suite. One thing missing on Celebrity are the Broadway style shows. The shows tend to be more of the revue style shows. But they also incorporate some terrific acrobatics in some.
  11. Exactly! That's the problem! I have to spend the next year and half with virtually no one to discuss my upcoming cruises! Very depressing.
  12. Just off of Anthem of the Seas and it's depressing to think that my next Royal cruise is 484 days. But I do have two Celebrity cruises coming up! One in 90 days as of tomorrow! All is not lost. Whew.
  13. I don't think the cruise lines will shut down, either. But anything is possible.
  14. I love specialty dining, but I'd have to say that I don't think it's worth it for you. These aren't small meals and they encourage you to eat more rather than less. If you want to go for it, that's fine. Just realize that you'll be over your limit in short order.
  15. Less than 1%. 15% of my town has tested positive in the past month.
  16. So sorry to hear. I will try to report back. Hope you enjoy the holidays.
  17. I would be very surprised to see wholesale cancelations. However, I think cancelations of particular sailings is possible for consolidation purposes if the demand dips.
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