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  1. Thanks everyone. You’ve convinced me. I’m going to book Captain Bob’s.
  2. Great info @twangster. Much appreciated!
  3. That’s what I have too. I have a feeling it’s a placeholder and we will have a card in our cabin for the actual date/time. But if it’s actually scheduled for day 1 at 5:30, I guess I’ll just go with it.
  4. The water taxi is about a 5 minute walk. Less than 10 for sure.
  5. Ok. I just changed this situation. 5-night cruise from Bayonne to Bermuda on Adventure this summer.
  6. Maho is more about watching the planes, not so much about enjoying the beach.
  7. Been to Maho Beach a couple of times. Definitely a fun thing to do during a visit.
  8. It probably is sold out in the Planner, but a good chance you'll be able to book it onboard. Yes, Edge in April.
  9. Congratulate me! I’ve made it to Pinnacle! Unfortunately, it’s on these boards and not on Royal Caribbean ships.
  10. “Wine pairings available for purchase onboard.” Therefore, I have no idea!
  11. No. The price includes the wine. Actually, maybe I’m wrong? This is true on Royal. I have this booked too on my upcoming Celebrity cruise. I’ll make sure.
  12. I’ll likely do this as it was on my radar in the past. Thanks!
  13. Not a bother. Just trying to understand. Good luck with your cruise. Try Bernards Tours if you've never been to St. Maarten. https://bernardstours.com/
  14. That's on your cruise, not mine.
  15. I think you can be on the beach while others are in the water park, no problem. This is just out in the water, not in a closed off area like the water park in Coco Cay.
  16. Have you done it post restart?
  17. How I did what? Find a taxi? There's a well staffed taxi stand near the front of the port. You just walk out there and stand in one of the 4-5 lines for a taxi. I'm on a Celebrity cruise in April and there are 6 excursions listed...
  18. I had assumed that everyone working there had dispersed. But I could be mistaken.
  19. If they're just hiring now? Don't see how that will be possible. Just my opinion.
  20. I'm sure Royal wants to reopen. It's always good to start planning.
  21. For anyone that has recently traveled to St. Maarten, what do you recommend for the day on the island? St. Maarten is one of our favorite places to visit. We've been there more than a half dozen times. We did Bernard's Tour our last time there and really enjoyed that. But that was mainly because we were with a large group, some with mobility issues. Usually we will just taxi to Marigot, do some shopping and some pastry eating and then head to Orient Beach for the rest of the day. Then taxi back to the ship. Is this still a viable plan in the COVID era? Would it be better to book a ship tour? Or another organized tour? We're going in April, if that makes a difference. Thanks for any advice you might have.
  22. Comparing the two, I would say that this one on Anthem was better. Mainly because of atmosphere. It's in the room behind Chops designed for this purpose. Although, I'd say I liked our tablemates more on Oasis. Probably my all-time favorite was the original version of Chef's Table in 2011 which was on Oasis in the Concierge Lounge that no longer exists. Problem back then was the wine selection was more limited. You can read about it in my review here: The Almost Complete Food Lovers Guide to the Oasis of the Seas
  23. We did Chef's Table on Oasis in October. It was similar, but definitely a different experience than this one.
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