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  1. rjac

    Hurricane Ian

    Hang in there fellow Tar Heel! Better this weekend!
  2. rjac

    Hurricane Ian

    Right now, a lot of wind (10-15 mph) and drizzle type rain. Lots of blow down (leaves, small branches) in the yard. This is nothing compared to Florence in 2018!
  3. I hope all our board members in Florida evacuated and are doing ok. My prayers for those of you that stayed put and weathered this storm.
  4. My wife and I went to the Moomba Beach Bar & Restaurant at Palm Beach back in April. Good food, good drinks, loungers and shade. Took a taxi to and from the port.
  5. The ferry takes 45 minutes to an hour one way. If the water is rough or choppy, there will be a LOT of folks who get seasick. Have to look at what time you get into port and what time back on-board time is and plan accordingly.
  6. Forget about swimming in the ocean. Cold water, strong currents and wicked waves. The locals don't even go in. Now on the gulf side, way much better, just have to put up with the constant stream of vendors on the beach.
  7. But, they can't eat EVERYTHING. Got to leave something for us old farts......like cookies, ice cream, cake, etc. Oh, they can have all the kale and healthy stuff they want.
  8. This never works for me......I tend to finish the drink off before I get to the elevator!
  9. You can have wine or liquor waiting for you in your cabin when you get on board, which you will have to pay for. Log into your Royal account and go to your cruise planner page, select your initials in the upper right panel, scroll down to "Royal Gifts" and look for Wine and Liquor then select from there. Hope this helps.
  10. The cruise planner for Coco Cay has two dives (sold out) as well as some snorkel excursions. Having been to Coco Cay, I do not know just how good scuba diving would be. It is shallow and did not appear to have a lot of underwater structure to hold any marine life. If you are going scuba diving at any other ports, then go for it. Hopefully some member here with more CC experience will chime in.
  11. That's why I don't drink beer onboard.
  12. Wow, looks like you really "stepped" out, good job!
  13. Be sure to wear a fitbit to count your steps. Got to get those 10,000 steps somehow on a cruise ship!
  14. A few years ago, the Falmouth mayor's wife was abducted and murdered. I did not venture outside of the fence and do not care to be outside the gate unless it is on a Royal excursion.
  15. Just remember......there's no crying in baseball and there is absolutely no crying allowed on disembarkation day!
  16. Here's a link that might help everyone: Plan Your Trip to Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex. We will be in Orlando April 11th next year and will do one of the recommended itineraries. We're off the ship at 1:00 pm and have to be back on by 8.00 pm/ Unfortunately, KSC closes at 6:00 pm. That means no lolly gagging at the exhibits. Shopping and dining, I don't think so, have to pay for it. There's a cruise ship waiting for us that full of free eats!
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