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  1. Thanks fonemanbob!!! What a great recap of your trip...it sounds wonderful! We'll be going to a few ports you mentioned, so I will definitely check into other tour options.
  2. Hi fonemanbob...when you have an opportunity, I'd love to hear about your Greek Isle cruise and the Athens tour with PK Travel. We're doing a similar itinerary on Jewel next June. Thanks!
  3. fonemanbob...please report back after your trip to let us know how your tour was. I'm very interested for our trip next June. Also, will you be periscoping your trip?
  4. Again, thanks everyone for your feedback and thoughts. It hasn't been an easy road, but we definitely have changed our travel plans due to the impending storm Sunday/Monday. We'll be flying in on Saturday evening, so we'll definitely make the boat departing on Monday. It should be an interesting trip, and I'm wondering if our itinerary will be changed due to weather. How far in advance, if any, do they make that call? And, where would be the best place to find out that information (assuming here, correct)? :)
  5. Thanks everyone! We're looking into options to push up our travel to the port as well as keeping a close eye on the weather development. Obviously this is a very good lesson learned and we will plan accordingly for future cruises.
  6. Hi all! We're sailing on Empress on Monday, 8/29. We're flying in same day with our flight scheduled to land around 11am which would put us at the port around 1pm with a departure at 4pm. We're concerned that possible severe weather is headed towards Miami during this time and our flight could possibly be delayed. If there are significant delays for many passengers (due to weather) would the ship delay the departure time? Or should we proactively schedule a new flight a day early? Any thoughts and help would be appreciated. Thanks!
  7. Hi everyone! My name is Beckie, and I'm Ken's wife (cookingyo), and we are very much looking forward to getting back into cruising as a family. We've been looking at the blog, message boards, and watching the periscopes since we booked our upcoming cruise and we really enjoy all the "insider" information and tips. Thanks, and keep sharing!
  8. fonemanbob...we'll be on a greek isles cruise in June 2017, and we will be very interested in your feedback on the PK travel tour in Athens. Please post an update after your cruise! Thanks in advance. :)
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