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  1. Next week, we should be able to book short cruises. I was told this information while I was on Explorer 2019.
  2. Yes, and a small sewing kit. Buttons and zippers always need to be fixed.
  3. We are celebrating Hooked on our anniversary. I went to school in Boston and looking forward to eating there. Is there a lot of food?
  4. Please wear the t-shirts together and take a picture. When my Dad retire, his shirt read, "The Legend has Retired." Our shirts read, "We are with the Legend." Everybody on the ship loved them. They were taking pictures and made my Dad feel like the King he is. I love following stories like this. My parents are with me on three cruises, looking to book more.
  5. Have an awesome time. I love cruising with my parents. They are so enlightening.
  6. I will try this place next year.
  7. You are so right!!!! I have to cancel my Nav this Summer 2020 because the price is too high.
  8. Happy New Year. Wishing all many cruising days.
  9. Woohoo!!!! Let's make it happen.
  10. Congratulations on your remission. Have fun on your cruise.
  11. I just got off Explorer. Next cruise said the week of Jan 13, 2020. We shall see.
  12. I have been on several Majesty cruises. I love the ship. We did a B2B on her two years ago. We have an existing cruise during spring break April 2022. We have three cabins booked. I love going to Nawlins. The food. The Food.
  13. I was a financial analyst with Pillsbury. They hired me with my dreadlocks. After one year, they told me that some people found them offensive. Really. I was hired with my dreadlock. They were neat and most of the time I wore them up in a professional bun.
  14. Yes, I am booking away. Have two more cruises to book.
  15. Majesty, April 9-16, 2022. Leaving out of Nawlins. Crawfish and beignets
  16. Just booked Majesty of the Seas April 9-16, 2022. Laissez le bon temps rouler.
  17. Jewel of the Seas, December 18, 2021.
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