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  1. I should probably say I have only been on one cruise before, The Wonder, and it was great. The Enchantment will by my first RCCL cruise. And, yes, pound for pound, price is also a reason for switching cruises.
  2. I love what I do, and love the restaurant I work for.. For anyone reading this, come on in, and you'll be amazed
  3. I originally chose DCL because I am and always will be a HUGE Disney geek. I grew up a few hundred miles north of Disneyland in CA, and was at the happiest place on earth as often as I could. When they announced a cruise line, it was only natural that I would choose them. At the time of cruising DCL, I was married with a one year old. My son love Mickey Mouse, and my wife thought we were both nuts... The cruise changed her into both a fanatic about Disney, as well as a fanatic about cruising. We made a pact to try each cruise line, and to compare.. Secretly, I knew none would compare to DCL... We never got to fulfill that pact. Been divorced for nearly 5 years now... but I'm straying off topic.. Why did I consider looking at another cruise line? Deep inside I still want to sample every cruise line. I love DCL... LOVE it.. but I want to see what else there is. Why choose RCCL this time? Quite simply, the answer is Matt Hochberg. I was an avid listener to WDW Today, from episode one, and listening to him plug this blog and podcast, I gave it a try. Listening to his podcast, I became hooked. I'm intrigued by the variety of ships, as well as destinations. I booked a cruise to celebrate my parents. By celebrate, I mean praise. They raised me, helped me, and have been my rock through the last several years of quite frankly darkness. I chose, this coming February, Enchantment of the Seas, simply by listening to Matt talk to Michael Poole. Their love for RCCL is infectious. I now listen religiously to every word Matt puts out... Will I try other cruise lines? I sure will, but I have time to do that.
  4. if you're ever back this way, stop by Annabelle's and I'll cook ya'll something special
  5. Thanks rjac... your firsthand knowledge is invaluable.. from a fellow New Bern resident, thanks
  6. all in favor????? motion passes
  7. I most look forward to relaxing without the daily stresses.. This trip though, I look forward to seeing Mom and Dad's reaction to cruising, as this will be their first.
  8. thank you David. i like your tips.... i have never been to key west before.
  9. Thanks blawmtih, if I was going solo, or with people that have been to Nassau before, I would probably skip it too. My parents have never been, so getting off ship is important to them. I'll check out the charm and beauty tour, thanks for the tip
  10. thanks monctonguy, thats the one we were looking at
  11. Hey everyone, Mom, Dad and I are getting pretty excited for our upcoming February cruise. As the header supplies, we will be stopping in Nassau and Key West. We are extremely curious for advice on what excursions to do while in each Port of Call, and would like to ask all you for suggestions, and personal reviews. For Nassau, we want to see Atlantis. Mom and Dad have never cruised before, and have never been outside the USA. I'd love to show them some of the historic parts of Nassau. I was there before, about 10 years ago. We saw the excursion Discover Atlantis. Is it worth it? I've checked cruise critic, but I don't know these people, and trust this community more. We were also interested in the Discover Nassau Land and Sea excursion, a little history AND a stop in Atlantis. Again, any personal insight would be appreciated. We'll be docked until midnight. When we get to Key West, we want to try the Hop on, Hop off conch train tour. It reads as fun. Any insights? I want to end this by saying, you are all the greatest. I value this community, and the vast opinions of everyone on it. Jeff
  12. how does one find an Uber without a smartphone? and what exactly is Uber? just curious.
  13. hey Candie... i wish I could. She retired, and sold it to someone that ran it to the ground. Looking for someone knew, but like your first love, everyone else just pales in comparison. Linda (my ta) really went the extra mile for me. Bless her.
  14. Hey Doc..... My TA retired and sold her agency to a real bone head. As for MEI, I've heard all nice things. I'm one of those face to face people, and somewhat hesitant. Maybe I'll call. Talk live with someone...once all the families RSVP
  15. listen to the podcast that matt puts out weekly. he has great tips from his own experiences as well as from other seasoned cruisers. I get tons of info from the listner question section
  16. When I lived in CA, I loved my TA. Used her for everything. Since relocating to NC, I haven't found a TA I really click with yet. Of course, I do a lot less travel now. For my upcoming cruise this Feb, I did all the leg work myself...but that's something I really enjoy. I love the planning. It's a stress releaser for me. Now, this cruise isn't the least bit compicated...my next one will include several different families from several different states. I'm hoping to find a good TA for that one.
  17. Hey all. Just wondering if its possible to use two different credit cards for purchases? I'll be travelling with my parents, sharing a grand suite. Can I, upon check-in, use my own cc for my purchases and sea pass card, while my folks use their own....or will we have to pool expenses and settle at home? Thanks in advance.
  18. my mouth is watering with anticipation
  19. Man, I can't wait to try all the options available fleet wide. As this will be my first RC cruise, on Enchantment... all I get is Chopps... But I do love me some meat. my next cruise will be on Oasis, and I plan on eating everywhere
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