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  1. Hey all. Just wanted to reach out and say hello to everyone. It’s been three years since I last posted. Last anyone knew, I was headed for an Enchantment of the Seas cruise Feb, 2016. Well, at the last minute Royal Caribbean cancelled new and it didn’t happen.. The story is long, and maybe one day I’ll share it. I just got really anti- Royal Caribbean for a while. I am better, and miss y’all. I have missed the daily banter, and the fun discussions though. I hope the last three years have been good to everyone. I’ll talk more and more as the days stretch. 


  2. Jeff.


    Dude.  For some reason, your post really got to me (not sure why, as I'm not divorced nor a seasoned cruiser), and I simply am beside myself excited for you.  I remember how stoked

    I was last year before my first cruise; it's almost physically debilitating!  That you get to take the people most important in your life just makes it that much better!


    I wish I could go with you, amigo (never mind my avatar - I look just like Matt and LOVE Sabor!).   B)


    I think I can safely speak for all of us by saying that we are all happy for you, and expect a LOT of posts from you, both pre- and post-cruise!



    Dave, I truely appreciate your words.

  3. Well, we made it to 47 days until embarkation, and finally received our cruise contract, and set sail passes... excited...excited...excited


    Since this is our first RCCL cruise, I have a couple questions...


    1. will we receive any paperwork from RCCL that shows all the pre-booked things we chose.. such as shore excursions, or specialty restaurants.. specifically, the times we are booked?


    2. it says check in is 1130... does it really mean 1130?


    3. Miami is HUGE... will we be told what part of the port to go to in order to get on Enchantment of the Seas, or just drive around til we see it? all the contract says is follow the directions to the port.


    Thanks again for everyone assistance.. Merry Christmas to all.. Happy Hanukkah, Happy New Year.

  4. Jeff,


    I'm so happy for you ....


    My hiatus from cruising lasted 7 years, but I'm fortunate enough to have not gone through the hell you've gone through, but I definitely understand how cruising, Matt's Podcast and this site can bring a person back from the cliff...


    My divorce was in 1998, then the mother of my youngest and I went our separate ways in 2009 (as the lawyer said, "Thank God you didn't marry that crazy B*&^%" --- Fortunately my daughter is now 17 and she sees how crazy her mother can be.  SHE GETS IT!!


    Fast Forward to today, My wife of 3 years and I just went on a 5-nighter to Bermuda back in September (we finally got a honeymoon).  This was her first cruise, AND LOVED IT!!!  The solitude and the ability to go, pretty much, off the grid was very therapeutic.


    I'm proof positive that you have to go through Hell to get to Heaven ..... Sounds like you've been through your Hell and Heaven is just right around the corner ......


    Well Done Sir.



    Mark, Thank you for this. Very touching

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