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  1. Can we get another drink package glitch, oh dear Royal IT? ?
  2. Good catch. I highly doubt it sold out. I think cruise lines are kind of backed against a corner right now... while the restart plans are great, all these other laws around mandating vaccines, banning vaccine information etc is just going to create more of a mess. At this point, I will be surprised to see any cruises sail from the US this summer. if they do, hooray!
  3. Such exciting news, Chris!! Congratulations on joining the newest ship in the fleet, well-deserved! It must feel so good to get back on after such a long time. I am on Odyssey in November (the original inaugural) so look forward to meeting you then! Cheers!
  4. Wow! There has been some crazy pricing for sure on the July 3rd Odyssey, but good to hear you didn't have to pay for that premium. Moving 3 ships but hey you're on the Odyssey now, congrats! It's a beauty. Less than a month to go!
  5. Anyone who was originally booked on this inaugural still on it? Or cancelled? I am still holding. Also learned today that Chris Wong (crew member) got assigned to the Odyssey of the Seas!!! He will be on it for 6-7 months it sounds like starting July 3rd.
  6. Oh nice! I love GMA...looking forward to it.
  7. What a great deal! No extra charge...and if you look at how much the Odyssey is selling for on July 3rd, you will be happy. Prices are insanely high!
  8. I am with you on this, looks like they just threw the name on there with extremely large font. The old look is way more classy and not "out there".
  9. Wow, seriously awesome pics and footage, thank you for sharing! I am booked on her old inaugural now on Nov 15th, looking forward to hearing about the cruise for those going on her new inaugural July 3rd. The prices are wild!
  10. Cool thanks for the feedback. Excited to see these cruise ships restart and hope to be on one of them... I booked Odyssey in November because the way things were looking a month or so ago, ships sailing out of the US this summer seemed like a long shot. Hoping to get 1 additional cruise in before Odyssey in November.
  11. If money is not an issue, I would definitely book Odyssey from Florida over Adventure from Nassau. Odyssey is a newer ship, offers more amenities and you don't have to go through the various hoops like flying into another country such as the Bahamas (health visa and all that). I checked prices for July 3rd and they are insanely high, so be prepared to open up your wallet if you decide to go that route. If not, the Adventure sailing should work out nicely as well ?
  12. I am looking into Freedom summer cruises, most notably the 3 and 4 days sailings out of Miami leaving in July, however I know that Freedom is also the first to conduct test cruising from 6/20 to 6/22. What happens when Freedom "passes" or "fails" those test cruises? If they pass, the July cruises are good to go I assume...and if they fail, they are a no go? Curious since we are in final payment at this time.
  13. Everyone has an idea of what a cruise looks like for them going forward. If you're down with the restrictions, please have a good time! And I get what you mean about vaccines being shoved down people's throats, let's just say there was a reason for that...
  14. I was also looking at the new Odyssey sailings and the ship has no cruise scheduled between 11/11 and 11/15. So I think it may just be chillin' at sea or at port?
  15. I actually want to see a full 7-night cruise happen (no test cruises). One is vaccinated with no masks and restrictions, One is unvaccinated with masks and restrictions. Tell me which one is more fun and which one you'd rather go on.
  16. I was also looking at the new Odyssey sailings and the ship has no cruise scheduled between 11/11 and 11/15. So I think it may just be chillin' at sea or at port?
  17. I immediately looked at this cruise since I was on the now old Odyssey inaugural on 11/15, but holy guacamole the prices!
  18. Fully agree with this as well. I think that's what people are missing the point on...if an outbreak or something happens with unvaccinated people, you are putting the whole industry in jeopardy. I know vaccinated people can cause issues too BUT far less likely than unvaccinated people. Vaccinated people are less likely to get severe illness or die, unvaccinated people...well...you know the death count...
  19. That's awesome, we'll see how these unvaccinated cruises go at the restart. Fingers crossed shit doesn't go down and the industry gets shutdown again by the CDC. They are watching. Don't F up cruise operators!
  20. I am with you...I really don't want to cancel my Royal cruises...shoot... look at Norwegian, Carnival, Celebrity, they are requiring the vaccine. Come on Royal...
  21. I haven't heard of any severe cases, but there have been breakthrough cases "people getting infected after getting the vaccine". It is around 10,000 people out of the 101,000,000 that have gotten the vaccine, so like .00000000001%
  22. I would not got on a cruise if I wasn't vaccinated. Plain and simple.
  23. All good, everyone has a different opinion, I was just going off of what I am seeing on other social media sites like Facebook and my thoughts, most people aren't too happy with the decision. It will be interesting to see how this all plays out. Fortunately for me my next cruise isn't until November. I am a big believer in that the best and safest way to get cruising restarted out of the US is to require vaccines for all those who are eligible. Plain and simple. It's temporary, not forever, just do it at the start, because if something happens onboard, the CDC is ready to shut it down again.
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