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  1. Awesome, let's coordinate and plan where to meetup etc as we get closer to sail date! I am John btw, not sure if I caught your name? ?
  2. Our first time to Skagway we did the White pass scenic railway as well, went waay up like a 4-5 hour trip and it was simply amazing. Chihuly Gardens is nice! I made a comment on my previous post above with some other things to do here... love them all.
  3. Well this won't really come as a surprise, but it's the Space Needle. I have taken many family members and friends here when they visit, there is so much to do around the Space Needle as well, you have EMP (Experience Music Project), and Pike Place Market is a quick drive over. Then there is Belltown, Seattle Art Museum, Chihuly Garden and Glass...Seattle Aquarium...The Great wheel... a quick ferry to Bainbridge Island...and of course the majestic Mt. Rainier but that's a few hour drive but well worth it. You can even consider a short Puget Sound Argosy cruise or head over to Alki beach for some amazing beautiful views of Seattle. Kerry Park is also nice for a view of the Emerald City. If you google any of these you'll see what I am talking about. Bottom line is there is nothin short of amazing here in Seattle, you will enjoy your time!
  4. This thread has gotten awfully quiet after the Odyssey moved it's inaugural ?
  5. Have a great time. Not sure if you knew but this sailing is 1 week after the RCL Blog group cruise on Harmony!! 11/21/21!
  6. First time on Quantum class and Alaska, you are in for a real treat! Yes the Boeing tour "Future of flight" is definitely worth it if it's your first time here, we did it ages ago and if your husband likes planes, I'd consider that along with the Museum of Flight, check them out ?
  7. They pulled them likely to make sure they can accommodate enough people from other ships being moved over to the Odyssey. Those people have to be booked first before opening the rest to the public. They should've done this from the start honestly.
  8. Count me in! I am coming solo -- wife and daughter are staying home as they've already been to Alaska so I can do whatever whenever wherever... I am not much of a drinker either BUT I will be happy to hang out and check out the fun venues... I love Ovation... their pub is always hopping and my fav was the Bionic Bar, I probably got 5 drinks from there during my last cruise (non beverage package :p)
  9. Hi everyone!!! I just booked this sailing tonight!! Grabbed what looked to be the last solo Studio Oceanview balcony room on Deck 6!! Wahoo!! Other dates I couldn't find anything so this worked out for me! I live in the Seattle area so very convenient for me ? This will be my 3rd time to Alaska, so ask away! I am really excited to be back on Ovation 2 years later!! Pretty much exactly 2 years later... I went with my family on 8/30/2019 now going solo on 8/27/2021 ? Ask me any questions you have and I will do my best to tell you about my experience from 2 years ago! Pic below is from high above the North Star on our lovely ship, the Ovation of the Seas! You guys are going to LOVE it ? I love Quantum class ships...so much... in November I am going on the Quantum-ultra class ship Odyssey of the Seas! Can't wait to be back onboard in under 3 months!
  10. Welp that was quick...I found a studio balcony room on Ovation sailing 8/27 out of my hometown Seattle and I pulled a @Mattand YOLO booked it!!! Got the last studio oceanview balcony room on deck 6! Hoooray!! Excited to be back on Ovation 2 years later!! Pretty much exactly 2 years later... I went 8/30/2019 now going 8/27/2021...lovely ? @CruisingKat(Kathy)I am on your sailing!!! can't wait to meet you!
  11. True....I am looking at doing a solo studio balcony on Ovation (availability is very limited right now unfortunately or none at all) or going on the brand new Norwegian Encore in their studio cabin...it's right in my backyard here in Seattle and I love not having to fly to go on a cruise...40 minute drive and I am there. Norwegian has already come out and said ALL guests must be vaccinated so that means no kids I am guessing, and I also went on Ovation 2 years ago to Alaska so think I may temporarily go back to my 2nd fav cruise line for this one and try their newest ship...got 5 Royal after that ? including my next one on Odyssey, Royal's newest ship, pretty cool to do b2b newest ships in the fleet! I want to go on Freedom in August but I hear that the weather is extremely hot in the Caribbean then... plus the risk of hurricane season...sigh..would hate to miss my 1st ever trip to Perfect day @ cococay.
  12. Wow so many things are changing... it's like a risk to book any of these new US sailings.
  13. Hey all, have the health protocols been released for Ovation/Serenade to Alaska from Seattle starting in July/August? I recall it will be vaccinated for guests who are eligible but wondering about masks, social distancing etc. Thank you.
  14. Crazy... I almost booked one of these last night as well...not sure what's going on but we'll know soon enough.
  15. Can we get another drink package glitch, oh dear Royal IT? ?
  16. Good catch. I highly doubt it sold out. I think cruise lines are kind of backed against a corner right now... while the restart plans are great, all these other laws around mandating vaccines, banning vaccine information etc is just going to create more of a mess. At this point, I will be surprised to see any cruises sail from the US this summer. if they do, hooray!
  17. Such exciting news, Chris!! Congratulations on joining the newest ship in the fleet, well-deserved! It must feel so good to get back on after such a long time. I am on Odyssey in November (the original inaugural) so look forward to meeting you then! Cheers!
  18. Wow! There has been some crazy pricing for sure on the July 3rd Odyssey, but good to hear you didn't have to pay for that premium. Moving 3 ships but hey you're on the Odyssey now, congrats! It's a beauty. Less than a month to go!
  19. Anyone who was originally booked on this inaugural still on it? Or cancelled? I am still holding. Also learned today that Chris Wong (crew member) got assigned to the Odyssey of the Seas!!! He will be on it for 6-7 months it sounds like starting July 3rd.
  20. Oh nice! I love GMA...looking forward to it.
  21. What a great deal! No extra charge...and if you look at how much the Odyssey is selling for on July 3rd, you will be happy. Prices are insanely high!
  22. I am with you on this, looks like they just threw the name on there with extremely large font. The old look is way more classy and not "out there".
  23. Wow, seriously awesome pics and footage, thank you for sharing! I am booked on her old inaugural now on Nov 15th, looking forward to hearing about the cruise for those going on her new inaugural July 3rd. The prices are wild!
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