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  1. I know the Carrie B very well! I was stuck behind her this afternoon on the way up the river. There’s only one thing worse then being stuck behind the Carrie B and that’s the Jungle Queen. The captain on the Jungle Queen stops for nobody, if your in the way you are going to get hit.
  2. Port Everglades looking sad & empty. Looking forward to the return of the cruise ships!
  3. The wealthier “conchs” don’t want tourists on “their” island and unfortunately are very influential in our local island politics. The venders who own shops that cater to the cruisers as well as the restaurants along the Duval corridor have a different opinion.
  4. Is this USD? That seems like a whole lot of money for a balcony stateroom unless that balcony is connected to the Royal Loft Suite. Even seems excessive for a holiday sailing. I would say even the best price you have listed above (assuming a 7 day sailing) is close to $4k more then casino rate.
  5. I’ve posted this before but here you go. It doesn’t get more convenient then this:
  6. One of my neighbors was worried about Covid on his boat because he was told that passing by another boat with people could transmit COVID19. At some point the insanity needs to get checked. We have been on our boat 100 times since the pandemic with no issues and this particular neighbor finally gave in last weekend and took his first trip out. I am 100% in favor of promoting safety but at some point a line needs to be marked in the sand and people need to try and enjoy life.
  7. There are double standards everywhere. I’m not an anti masker but I don’t get the logic behind a great deal of it. Wearing a mask into a restaurant and then being permitted to remove it at the table seems a bit much.
  8. Not entirely true. The issue isn’t solely the fact that you will be required to wear a mask. What about the fact that you could be stuck in your room awaiting your next reservation time slot for the pool or for your kids to ride the carousel? Personally my issue is hardly the masks. When I’m on vacation I expect total freedom in my decisions regarding how my family spends their day. I cannot imagine being forced into an excursion just to get off the ship for the day. I enjoy walking around the ports especially in St Maartin where we enjoy walking to the beach next to the ship and enjoying the
  9. It’s sad to say but early 2020 was the grand finale to cruising as we all know it. I know there are plenty of people that will get on a cruise with all the stipulations but IMHO this is hardly a vacation. This may never change. I’m thankful for YouTube and the RC Blog to serve as a look back at what cruising once was. I can’t imagine being on vacation and having to reserve a day/time to sit by the pool with my mask on or have a drink while playing slots in the casino. At some point it’s just not a vacation anymore.
  10. Agree. If this is the solution its not going to work for my family. This is not a vacation.
  11. The new ships are actually on par w/ RC. I was pretty surprised.
  12. This ship was non smoking ship wide for many years. This must be the reason for that design.
  13. Might be farther away then OP wants to stay but agree, Le Tub is pretty great!
  14. It’s going to be across the street from Hilton Marina and located adjacent to the Port. It’s still close to La Bamba but a bit of a longer walk.
  15. In 2022 the Omni will be ready @ the new convention center and provide another option for 17th Street corridor. I can assist if you have any questions about the area.
  16. I’m trying really hard to follow you here. You are dissecting my opinion of Nassau and comparing to exercise and ones ability to afford a cruise vacation? I’m sorry, but you lost me on this one. No hard feelings, if you enjoy Nassau that’s wonderful. Also, the walking/jogging track on Oasis class ships is pretty great and IMHO beats walking the streets of Nassau any day of the week.
  17. My opinion is based on being at each of the above referenced ports more then 20 times each. I agree Jamaica is a beautiful island but I find the locals to be even more pushy (regarding tips and money) then the locals in Nassau. I’ve tried just about every option in Nassau and British Colonial Hilton beach day is about all we find even “decent”. With that being said, we travel to the Bahamas all the time (on my boat) since it’s only 45 miles East of my home in Fort Lauderdale and the smaller islands (Bimini) are an entire different world from Nassau. My overall view of Nassau is jaded by what I
  18. I can’t find a single redeeming thing about Nassau. I find it to be a garbage dump personally w/ pushy locals and not much to see or do (safely). For us, Nassau, Falmouth & Honduras are days to enjoy an empty ship.
  19. Exactly. There’s enough cartel money in cayman island banks to close shop on cruise ships forever w/ little to no effects to the overall economy.
  20. It’s worth it for sure. Bring water shoes as there are sharp shells blanketing the beach. I would recommend skipping the cabana (much better options at coco cay).
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