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  1. If you have no mobility issues this is not an issue at all provided you are the first group off the ship.
  2. Still seems way too early. Most of the many I’ve won change status and CC charged roughly 2-4 days before departure.
  3. I’ve done several New Years holiday sailings (and currently booked on this sailing as well). It’s a great time and totally worth the premium price to be sailing on New Years especially on an oasis class ship.
  4. Margaritaville Hotel Hollywood Beach or Marriott Harbor Beach in Fort Lauderdale.
  5. Just responding to one of the OP questions: “What are your tips and tricks for the Casinos on board...other than great social fun. Slot machines to avoid or try? “ Thanks
  6. Bet max on the wackiest machines in the casino that nobody dares play. I’m talking about the hello kitty machines or the Tabasco sauce machines or anything that does not attract people. The casino royale players club program is as disorganized as they come. Nobody (especially the land based reps) knows anything about it and two phone calls will yield opposite answers. With that being said, if you lay some cash on the table and gamble some money you may get some decent comps. Like many other players on this forum, I get some decent suites for what most people pay for balcony staterooms.
  7. Smart money says they build a small casino as well….
  8. For my family of (4), $20-$50 depending on family size or kids that are either high maintenance (like mine) or kids that create a mess to clean up for the staff.
  9. I was asked several times by the server if we would like more lobster or anything else on the menu. It was overall a very good experience.
  10. Nope, she’s socially distanced with no need for a mask.
  11. I read this as geographic “core market” aka ports in Florida mainly Port of Miami and Port Everglades.
  12. Just snapped these moments ago. Odyssey alone in port & another ship moored off Las Olas. It’s choppy out there today.
  13. You will find the usual suspects as you mentioned with the exception of Rolex (obviously). There are sometimes a few pre owned Rolex (5 digit Rolex references) but they are overpriced even beyond what you pay grey market at home. Before the craziness began with Rolex sports models a few years back you would find cases full of every desirable sports model at AH Riise in St Thomas. I would say more then likely the display cases are now empty. No issues at all with purchasing in the islands. I have made several high dollar purchases for myself and my wife at AH Riise and Cartier with no problems. I would say just about anything inside the Regalia shops is over priced and can be obtained elsewhere for both a better buying experience and price.
  14. As long as you get off the ship first thing then there would “probably” be no issues at all making an 11:15 out of FLL. With that being said, after 45 years in SoFL I don’t ever gamble on Miami and I-95. Good luck.
  15. New Years Holiday hotel prices across the board will be very expensive. Try staying outside the city and Uber to port and you may have better pricing.
  16. Asking for a family member. In the case your TA gets a significant price drop for you (like $1200+) after final payment what becomes of the unused funds? In other words, if they use $500 would RC cut a refund check after the cruise or is it a use it or lose it scenario? Thanks in advance.
  17. Desktop or iPhone? I’ve always used my phone which could be the issue.
  18. Maybe RCB should start a sub forum for the Royal Up questions? In any case, I have yet another. I feel like I’m fairly well versed in Royal Up, however, I can’t figure out how to bid on multiple stateroom options. It seems to be hit or miss. I’ve had times where I bid on up to 4 various stateroom options and other times it cuts me off after I make my first bid and does not allow me to bid on any other room types. When you click back on the link you only see the room you bid on as “pending” with nothing else. Does anyone know how to bid on multiple options? I know it’s possible as I’ve done it a few times but just don’t recall how. T.I.A
  19. This program is a bigger mystery then the club royale casino program. I wish someone would shed some light on it. I’ve participated in the program multiple times and always bid the maximum price (upgrading throughout the suite class range) and was somehow “outbid” once if that says anything. I have won every other time. If you can bet the maximum from CLS to star class and lose then there’s much more to the equation for sure.
  20. Don’t necessarily throw in the towel. You can always stay West of the city in Plantation or Sunrise and get a decent rate. It’s a short Uber ride (15-20 min) to the port.
  21. Good news is that every single hotel in Fort Lauderdale caters to cruisers & offers parking options. The bad news is March/April is Spring Break in Fort Lauderdale and the hotels (even the most basic) are very pricy.
  22. Especially for the opportunity to drive from Port Everglades to Orlando International. That’s probably a profitable day!
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