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  1. I know Allure, Adventure, Explorer and Liberty are all supposed to get upgrades but those have been postponed indefinitely, any ideas if any of the Quantum class ships will be upgraded eventually? I'm aware they're very different in terms of having not having water slides, royal promenade etc was just thinking if there were any features they could add etc. I'm also aware that the Quantum class ships are still relatively new compared to all the ships that have received upgrades so it could be a while
  2. If you need an extension cord or a power outlet of some kind, I'm pretty sure you can just ask your room steward for one, they're happy to give you one (Unless that's changed, haven't been on a Royal Cruise in a couple of years), I asked for one on my last Royal Cruise and the room steward one had one ready for me when I got back to my room, unless you need your own for whatever reason.
  3. The last few cruises I've been on, we've tipped every single staff member we interacted with except one - maybe that person was having a bad day or something had happened, but he just wasn't very friendly or polite to anyone, and he had gotten our order mixed up a few times! Gratuities going up isn't surprising to me, especially in this day and age where COVID19 is still very much a problem and not just the cruising industry, but every industry is having trouble attracting workers.
  4. Does anyone know if MEI caters to people who live in Australia?.... I wanted to use Harr Travel but they don't cater to people in Australia....yet.
  5. It must have changed sometime after 2017 then, because my mum was able to get two free rides during the sailing, albeit, one of them was because there was noone queueing - so not sure if that counts tbh
  6. Is the North Star on Quantum Class ships still complimentary? Or do we have to pay now? When I sailed Ovation, it was free on port and sea days, so just wondering if that's changed now.
  7. Because It would have been a souvenir
  8. When I was in Alaksa, I wanted to buy a couple of these, but we were flying home to Australia from LA, so we didn't want to risk having them in our luggage.
  9. That's unfortunate, while I've only been on one of that Cruise Line's ships, I didn't really like the atmosphere, it was very party atmosphere....
  10. Titan(ic) of the Seas Medusa of the Seas Aphrodite of the Seas Defender of the Seas Illustrous of the Seas Athena of the Seas Keeper of the Seas Enchantment of the Seas 2 Poseidon of the Seas Zeus of the Seas Of the seas of the seas Royal of the Seas Caribbean of the Seas Hype of the Seas Jester of the Seas Majesty of the Seas (2.0)
  11. Excellent write up and pretty much almost how I remember Ovation when I sailed on her back in 2017....(there was one incident during one of the shows though that completely ruined the cruise for me though) Back then you had to book for the NorthStar, not sure if that's still the case now....also, it was free back then I'm not really much of a pool person (something about being self conscious about my body) so the pools being filled with teenagers didn't really bother me. But also...Ovation is only 6 years old, Ruby Princess is almost 14 years old, so she's bound to show some wear and tear at some point...
  12. Hmm interesting, thanks for the insight. How likely is it that RCI deviate yet again with Utopia and don't install Central Park (or at least the plants)? So that she's suitable for cruising in Australia? I'm guessing probably like a 1% chance
  13. Fortune of the Seas Magic of the Seas Serene of the Seas Pacific of the Seas Fascination of the Seas Luminous of the Seas Breakaway of the Seas Getaway of the Seas Escape of the Seas Encore of the Seas Miracle of the Seas Conquest of the Seas Glory of the Seas Valor of the Seas Liberty of-oh wait this one exists already Freedom of-oh wait this one also exists Dream of the Seas Breeze of the Seas Vista of the Seas Horizon of the Seas Panorama of the Seas Mardi Gras of the Seas
  14. I mean.... Royal did trademark this one recently.... so
  15. Wait?! Was this actually confirmed like RCI were going to send an Oasis-class ship down here?! If so - do we know when and which? (I'm guessing it'd probably have been Oasis or Allure, since we're probably not good enough for Harmony, Symphony or Wonder, by that, I mean our cruising industry isn't as big as the US (obviously) and there's only so many destinations that Royal ships go to sailing out of Sydney ) Maybe they'll go into drydock to remove all the live plants and rehome them to another Oasis class ship and use fake ones? Or maybe like you said, Utopia won't have live plants and it'll be designed specifically for the Aussie market! Would love that.... then I'd be able to sail on her every week.... As long as we also get one of the Icon class ships..... I'll be a happy camper.
  16. Nova of the Seas Beauty of the Seas Beast of the Seas Wonder of the Seas 2 Spectacle of the Seas
  17. Honestly, y'all American peeps are so lucky, you get almost every Oasis-class ship.... meanwhile all we get are Quantum-class and Voyager-class ships (which I mean don't get me wrong, they're great but it's like)... come on RCI! Send us Oasis... or even Allure (tbh, I don't even care if she doesn't get her Amplification, I just want to experience an Oasis class ship and I think her not having her amplification is what stands her out apart from the other Oasis-class ships)...or you know... I'll even take Harmony, I doubt they'd ever send us Symphony or Wonder though... but who knows, maybe when Utopia is out they will send an Oasis-class down our way.
  18. I've only been on Ovation... so I guess Ovation? When we sailed on her back in 2017.. she was still pretty new.... I think her, Quantum and Anthem were the =4th largest ships in the world? Only behind Oasis, Allure and Harmony and I remember discussing with the people I was cruising with that Symphony would be out soon... (We don't get many non-Quantum/Voyager class ships down here in Australia!) We have Quantum of the Seas in Brisbane and Ovation of the Seas in Sydney for the 2022-2023 sailing season... We're scheduled to get Enchantment for the 2023-2024 season though...
  19. I mean in the grand scheme of things, it's probably more worth it to travel as a solo in a double occupancy room for the double C&A points, but I got curious and did a number of mock bookings to see if I could snag a studio cabin.
  20. I'm like 98% sure a studio cabin is supposed to be much cheaper for solo travelling... but look what I found The studio cabin was $3012 when I looked at it 3 days ago...
  21. If you mean Oasis receiving another amplification - maybe not likely anytime soon - especially seeing as how Allure still hasn't gotten her FIRST , a drydock for refurbishments? Maybe
  22. When people wear shorts and thongs into the MDR on formal night, like I get Royal doesn't enforce the dress code and you can wear what you like...but you could at least give it a go....and put on a nice shirt and jeans or something
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