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  1. Thanks. There wasn't much left available for our sail date. So when we bid we went max bid for the JS. I think that had a lot to do with the early win. We went mid range on the higher classes but there was no inventory on them.
  2. This was our strategy. Thee next cat up for us to JS would have been and additional 4k for our family of 4. We bid 200pp and won. This bid was well above minimum shown but compared to the going rate (inside final payment date) we saw value.
  3. Booked Odyssey April 4. Submitted RoyalUp last Friday. Logged in today and saw expired bids for all star and sky class. One bid accepted for a JS moving from Balcony. Sail date is 30 days from now.
  4. So can we bring additional wine or sodas on if we get off in a port? Let's say I take a winery tour and purchase two bottles. Can they come back on with me even though I brought two on at initial boarding?
  5. That's a really nice idea for the B2B cruisers! It's always hard to tell in the booking engine these days what to expect. RCCL may have some rooms blocked for other uses or due to staffing levels. If you hear any news let us know. We were on a Baltic itinerary and switched to the Odyssey. I think that many others may have done the same which gobbled up the abundant inventory.
  6. Thank you for all of the Odyssey updates. We are cruising mid June from. Civitavecchia. You mentioned in a post that the ship is due to have a full house. Thank you for that information. We have been wondering what to expect. At one point cabin availability was abundant. Now there are only a few in the booking engine.
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