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  1. It appears that initial reports are saying the damage was above the waterline, and is now patched.
  2. Update from Dennis Cherney in the FB group: "According to Royal Caribbean, at least currently, the incident with Harmony in Falmouth has not impacted our sailing. Obviously, that could change if they discover additional damage as part of the inspection of the ship. I'll pass along any further updates as I get them"
  3. https://www.facebook.com/nick.vitani/videos/566621361470529
  4. The Facebook group has a video showing the damage that Harmony received this morning around 7:45am when they were docking in Jamaica. It doesn't look too bad, so I'm hoping it does not cause an issue with our sailing.
  5. My daughter did school cheer and competitive cheer for quite a while (from 5 year old to 15 years old). We moved to a new city last year, and she said she didn't want to cheer at the new school, and we are now to far away from the gym she did the competitive cheer. This is also our first RC cruise. We have only done NCL in the past.
  6. I am excited to try the bionic bar on our next cruise. It will be my first experience with it.
  7. I have always been terrified of being left behind, so if we do an excursion it's always through the cruise line.
  8. We will have two teenagers with us. Our son, 13 and our daughter, 16.
  9. I like to be back on the ship with plenty of time to spare.
  10. I saw the prices for "pre-cruise" purchases fluctuate quite a bit in the past. I'm not surprised.
  11. This list will be useful, thank you! We will be on Harmony on the 29th... My kids are excited for the escape room. They love them!
  12. Mine are a bit older than that... (They will be 15 and 17 by then) But if there are no swimming options they will live. lol I just wasn't sure if one ship would have better for swimming options than the others. Thanks!
  13. Thanks for the responses everyone. I'm planning an Alaska cruise for next year, and my kids love swimming, so I was wanting to see if there were options.
  14. Hello. Can anyone tell me if the name on my COVID Vaccine card, COVID test results, Passport, and Boarding Pass all have to match exactly to cruise? My vaccine card has my first name, middle initial, and last name, my passport has first, middle and last names, and my boarding pass only has first and last. I haven't taken my COVID test pre-cruise yet, but plan to have my first, middle and last name on it. Will the difference in names on these documents cause an issue? Thank you.
  15. Does anyone know if the ships that go to Alaska have temperature controlled pools or waterslide areas?
  16. We stayed at the Hilton Rome Airport hotel back in 2019. Online it said only 3 per room, and we would need to book 2 rooms to accommodate 4 people. However, when we arrived at the hotel, we just ask if we could do 4 people in one room and it wasn't an issue.
  17. Hello all! Any others on here for the May 29th sailing?
  18. We are going on our first RCCL cruise this month. My husband and I have C&A numbers, but my kids do not. I tried to sign them up for memberships, but it said they have to be over 18 to receive a C&A number. I have seen several others mention that their under 18 children have numbers. How did they manage to do this?
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