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    Lovelysmile415 reacted to AshleyDillo in Red Coach Transportation   
    @Matt is doing that route today..perhaps he will come and chime in with his experience when he gets back!
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    Lovelysmile415 reacted to bobroo in Drinks Package   
    Here are two small advantages for waiting till you get aboard.
    IF you get aboard early before access to the cabins is available
    IF you really like those cups they give you for pop/soda 
    Then buying your package upon embarkation makes sense because you will get your cup immediately. Otherwise it may be held hostage until cabin access is opened up.
    To tell you the truth, I always wait till we are on the ship for another reason.
    I always give my brand new, still wrapped cup away to a Mom or Dad who is also waiting in line to by a pop package for their kid. I always choose someone who looks like it will take the least amount of explaining to this little scam. If some kids want to drink pop out of the machines on me for a week; God bless 'em. If it saves a fellow cruiser $65 for the week--even better.
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    Lovelysmile415 reacted to WAAAYTOOO in Weather in January   
    I agree with Doc. That is really not far enough south to keep the water warm enough for swimming that time of year. The air is nice and warm but the water really isn't IMO.
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    Lovelysmile415 reacted to DocLC in Weather in January   
    I have sailed the Caribbean consistently in January since 2009.  I found the water in the Bahamas and St. Thomas to be tolerable, but found the water warmer in St. Maartin.  I'm a California boy, though by way of Hawaii, so I have a very limited temperature range.
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    Lovelysmile415 reacted to Matt in Royal replenish drink package..   
    Yes, two bottles per stateroom.  I do it every cruise and it's such a great option.  Saves me a lot of money and I have wine for dinner every night of the cruise.
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    Lovelysmile415 reacted to DocLC in Royal replenish drink package..   
    Get creative.  I asked for something with chocolate and the bartender came up with his own drink.  When I asked what it was, he said he didn't know as he just had fun with it.
    Get creative or let them be creative; it works either way and it doesn't cost you any more.
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