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  1. The solarium bar was open and we grabbed a couple of loungers by the windows facing NASA’s buildings. Relaxing and a decent view
  2. We sail on Symphony the fall. I was looking at the different bar menus for each restaurant and saw that the bar at Hooked had oyster shooters listed. Just curious if anyone knows if they fall under the DBP or are they à la carte unless you have the UDP?
  3. I had a very similar experience, sailed Nordic Empress when I was in college in 2002. Last year we booked our first cruise with Royal since then. Called C&A, and they were able to find the original booking, and they gave me points from the cruise 20 years ago
  4. The only other thing I wondered if you had UDP and/or DBP and they charged for the additional days
  5. We sailed 2 weeks ago and rooms were open around 1:00, ship was at capacity
  6. We are heading out on the Independence to celebrate my Grandparents 65th wedding anniversary. This will be their first cruise ever, plus this is the first time we are attempting a group family trip (that is why we are only trying a 3 day). My wife and I came up with this idea while enjoying a cruise in January, and we are excited to be doing this. I have every bit of faith that this is going to be great, but I did make sure we have the drink package... Hope to see you all onboard!
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