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  1. Oh no ok, thanks for the heads up. Appreciate it!
  2. Can any one share their experience with this option? Our flight doesn’t depart until 415p…in the description it says “for domestic flights departing after 330”, so I think we’d be ok, and it beats hanging out at the airport all day. The transfer leaves at 845am and goes to sights around LA, description says 5 hours. Approx $175 for family of four, Is it worth it?
  3. Yes. The rep said my $1000 deposit was going to be refunded. Like I said I’m skeptical only because in the past they said it was only for future cruise credit but she literally said it would be refunded to original form of payment, so I’ll wait and see. Still have not received a cancellation email or anything confirming it but I did take down her name and will reference that call if I have any issues!
  4. I can give some insight, going through similar situation. I actually got them to refund our $1000 deposit back when I called yesterday. I’m just a little skeptical because she said the refund will take 30-45 days to be put back into my account and was given no reference number or cancelation email, she just said I can call back with original booking number to track the refund. I was told to call this number 1-800-205-9812 and they agreed to refund due to similar vax situation for cruise I had booked for end of April. Best of luck to you hope it works for you as well.
  5. Hey guys, I’m in the same situation. Have one booked for late April. I feel like I keep getting strung along “things can change by then we don’t know” so frustrating! My whole thing is if they don’t require boosters what is the point still enforcing the entire mandate? I mean someone who got their two shots last year has waned immunity right? I do know someone who has “insider” info who claims they are doing away with it after April 14th but I really don’t think that’s possible? Who knows…things are happening fast everywhere! Side note- I haven’t received any of these protocol updates, should I be?
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