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  1. I realize that RCI hasn't brought back the Kids Sail Free promotion since cruising has restarted. So, instead of waiting for the possibility of it returning before booking- would I be able to book a cruise with my 2 children- then if the promotion would return- reprice my cruise including the promotion and get the money returned to me for my children's fares? If before final payment- get it back in full? Or after final payment, get it back in on board credit?
  2. I can confirm it is an antigen. Sailed last week on the Symphony with 2 unvaccinated kids. You get your own check-in location while awaiting test results. Takes about a half hour for results to come through. Very easy process and when you get negative results you just go through security and then you're on the ship.
  3. This happened to me for our Symphony sailing heading out tomorrow. I originally had an Ocean View as well and was upgraded to a Large Ocean View Balcony room. Good luck!
  4. It's unlikely an antigen will continue to test positive beyond 6-7 days following symptoms. It's the PCR that you can continue to test positive for "weeks". If you were recently positive, you should definitely take an antigen pre cruise. With that being said, it would be nice to see RCI be the next line to change their policy and allow a Certificate of Recovery in lieu of testing as Carnival and Princess already have (along with international air travel).
  5. Thanks for the response. Thats great news. I heard from someone that parents traveling with unvaccinated children are then treated as a "group" as unvaccinated.
  6. Hey all, My wife and I are cruising in a few weeks with two children who are unvaccinated. We will also be having my in laws cruising with us as well. I'm looking for clarification if my wife and I are still going to get the vaccinated wristbands? Between the little available time in Adventure Ocean and my in laws being willing to help with the kids, my wife and I would love to be able to attend some of the vaccinated only events/venues. I've heard conflicting info on this and I am waiting to hear back from RCI to confirm as well. Thanks!
  7. Curious what families with young children have been seeing with Adventure Ocean? Reduced capacity? Fewer hours available? Not being open at all due to exposures/quarantine? We are booked on the Symphony at the end of February with a 6 and 10 yo. Thanks.
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