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  1. I have my C card and hope to get my granddaughter certified before our March cruise (Allure). We're in Virginia so the OW dives are NOT going to happen before then (LOL). My wife got certified on a RCCL cruise years ago and except for the early morning pool dives, she loved it. Did her OW dives in Cozumel no less !!! I'm hoping (and I've emailed them) RCCL will have some sort of referral program where all the classwork and pool dives can be done locally ahead of the cruise and then do the OW dives while on the cruise.
  2. Protocols will be relaxed soon hopefully. NFL and other venues are changing their protocols as we speak because the previous ones were too strict based on the data that this variant is not nearly as serious. It was costing them money (cancelled games etc.) over outdated data (and incorrect data ...... go figure). We have a March cruise booked and will be cancelling if things don't improve. People that are scared to death of this thing should just stay at home (locked up if they prefer). If I can't enjoy my vacation, I'll pick an area that will let me enjoy it normally. I understand RCCL has to cave and do not blame them. It's a business however, I hope they don't go under.
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