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  1. Oasis 2-6-2022 3700 per crew. They said 2300 prior week. Lots of children this week.
  2. We and our traveling companions just received an email that our cabins are being changed. The reason was social distancing? We had booked guaranteed but had our cabins assigned. We are getting $109 OBC. Anyone else have this happen?
  3. Did Maho Beach the week of Dec 5. Great fun and easy to get to. We booked a ship excursion but decided we would try public transportation next time .
  4. Just returned from this cruise. Great cruise great ship. The ship seemed very full. Any idea on the passenger count?
  5. We are unable to make show reservations for our Dec 5 sailing on Harmony. My understanding is that we can reservations when on board. I’ve heard some rumblings that the shows fill up very fast. Anyone have any recent experience?
  6. What’s the best way to get from the cruise port to Mahahual? On our own?
  7. We are booked on Harmony Dec 5,2021 and had booked cabin 6580. Out Docs now show 6268. Same category different side of the ship. Any ideas why they would change this assignment with no notice?
  8. We were there 2 weeks ago. Take a photo of the cards and you’re fine.
  9. We’re unable to sign up for entertainment options on Harmony for a December 5 cruise. Is this normal?
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