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  1. Just boarded 12/31 Anthem sailing and was given a information letter stating that prior cruise to ours (must be your friends cruise) ended with 1.79% of total (passenger + crew) Covid count. stated usual that all protocols and cleaning procedures were followed and that they wanted guests to be informed. Everything seems to be normal and mood on board so far seems happy
  2. Wife and I can now relax as we both tested negative with proctored Emed BiaxNow!
  3. We work in retail as well, so I completely understand the tension there and potential for infection breakout. I am wishing you good results and a happy cruise. We can take the Proctored test at midnight so registers as 2 days before our cruise (Anthem 12/31). We took at home non proctored tests this morning and got negative result good news, so if all holds constant for the next 15 hours or so then we will be good to go!
  4. Yes that is correct, sorry. Thanks for the correction. Here is link to information
  5. Labadee was moved to San Juan. Now looks like San Juan Puerto Rico will not be on the port list due to the government requiring any ship passenger a negative covid antigen or pcr test for each passenger within 2 days of arriving at port. I expect an email from RCI on this any moment.
  6. I’m not in fear of our 12/31 Anthem cruise being cancelled. We had our last 2 bookings cancelled during pandemic so cant wait to get back onboard! What I fear most is the at home antigen test results on 12/29
  7. When checking this sailing on RCL site it no longer shows. I have never seen that happen before. Is this because once a sailing is sold out it is removed from the search/booking feature on RCL site? Hope that this does not mean there is a problem with this sailing!!
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