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  1. normally when we go ashore we get 2 bottles of water(2ltr size)and carry it back on and we have never been questioned but just don't buy too many , this keeps us going till our next port of call and we get some more :)
  2. Hi Peter, yes that,s fine :) in fact we often also stock up on water and snacks while ashore as it's cheaper but do remember if you purchase alcohol although it is fine to bring back on board they will take it off you till the end of the cruise.
  3. Hi Don, is this the Bahamas Cruise which starts in New Orleans.
  4. After doing a spinning class i am not suprised as they are enough to scare anyone away from the Gym :lol:
  5. While on the ship we use the gym almost every day followed by a swim and then the hot tub and as i am a bit of a Gym nut these areas need to be good. So what does each class of ship have to offer I thought this would be a good topic as when i was trying to find out what the Gym had to offer last year on the Indy it was difficult to get full info on what Weights, Cardio and Spa facilities ect they had so here is some stats on the Indy. GYM The Gym on the Inependence is huge with fantastic views and opens from 06:00 to 22:00. A great selection of free weights from 6lb-88lb (Dumbells only there is no Barbells or Bench Press non cable) and a good Smith Machine with weights from 6lb to 45lb with a good amount of plates. There is also a large amount machines for all areas of muscle such as Back, Shoulders , Legs , Biceps and Triceps etc and 3 benches. Cardio is also covered with a huge amount of Treadmills , Bikes , Cross Trainers and even a Boxing Ring. There is also a Fitness Studio with classes from Body Pump to Pilates and also Pilates Racks in the main Gym. Spa The Spa has a every kind of treatment you could ever need from Facials , Hair , Massage and nails etc. There is also a great adult only Pool area with 2 amazing Hot Tubs which hang over the side of the ship plus plenty of Sun Loungers and even some Hammocks. Hope this info helps if you are going on the Indy :) :)
  6. I agree with Matt if you wait till you embark and book early you should be fine :) . One other thing I advise is to get to the port early, last year Matt advised us to get to the port as early as we could as RC may let you check in and board the ship well before yor cabin would be ready. Matt was spot on , we arrived curbside at 09:45 and by 10:45 we were on the ship and able to book any trips check our MDR table and explore a little before the crowds and then hit the windjammer for some Honey Stung Chicken Yum Yum :D. This year we are going to arrive by 09:00 in the hope we get on even earlier.
  7. Tuesday done , I'm keeping everything crossed for you Matt :) :)
  8. Perhaps if i put my name down as SLY STALLONE on my next cruise it may swing it....... LOL :D :D
  9. You are so right Don :) the Med is amazing and we are planning to cruise there on the Anthem next year. We did think about it this year but opted for the Canaries on the Independence again as this is her last year in the UK and as we are going on her last full cruise we are hoping they may have a party :D :D .
  10. soooooo done. Matt you deserve this for all your hard work. Good luck mate :) :) :) :) :) :)
  11. Your gonna love cruising once bitten forever hooked :)
  12. Hi Peter welcome to Matt's blog :) .
  13. Tylor is right tip when you feel it is necessary and it does not matter what job they do , if they have gone above and beyond it's good to say thank you. If your toilet was backed up and you had been desperate for a few hours man would you be sooooooooooooo pleased to see the maintenance guy :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :D :D :D
  14. I can't believe the World Cup starts next week I'm soooooooo excited :) . Hope you have a great Cruise in July Sandya and enjoy those games on the big screen :)
  15. Same here , it always pays to look after the porter who has your luggage :) .
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