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  1. Thursday done:) :) , sorry Matt I know it's still Wednesday in NY :)
  2. A great way to check out rooms is to go on You Tube , a lot of people film their accommodation so it will give you a good idea of the layout and normally they will review the room at the same time.
  3. Monday done :) :). C'mon let's get Matt to number 1
  4. Your welcome Stephanie, your gonna have a the best New Year and even better is the whole family will be with you :) :) :) .
  5. Hi Stephanie , I haven't cruised with RC over the New year but we have with other cruise lines and it was absolutely fantastic :) :) and I am guessing that RC does similar to the following. From around 21:00 we went to the pool deck for a party and when we got there it was fab , we were given hats and blowers and even some glow sticks and then danced to a live band under the stars. At around 23:45 we were all given Free Champagne to see in the new year and then just after midnight we had a disco till the early hours it was AWSOME. Click this link and it will show you New Year on the Oasis which i'm guessing will be similar to the Allure https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_s3iIo0nTog
  6. I agree Monctonguy the Windjammer has great choices and the quality is really good and like you we end up eating there a lot. In fact we only go MDR 1 evening and 1 lunch and the rest of the cruise is speciality restaurants or Windjammer. Glad you like the Honey Stung Chicken :) , i just wish they served it on more days and not just embarkation day :(
  7. Thursday done , c'mon everyone Matt is so close to first place :) :)
  8. Mine too :lol: , when we go back in October we are going to Chops on both formal nights and I know she will have this both times.
  9. Sorry Matt :) , I normally vote around 01.00 while working so i guess it's around 20:00 the day before in NY :P .
  10. The Independence Casino was ok with no real smoke problem and i never noticed any smell on our clothes. Usually if the Air Con is good it clears most of the smell away. Infact there was more problem with the wind , if you know what i mean :lol: :lol: :lol:
  11. After a great Steak in Chops there is nothing like a great Creme Brulee :)
  12. Hi Sharan, the choice of movies in your room on your TV is excellent with a huge library of new and old films, i'm not sure if you can find out before your cruise what is available to watch. The huge outside screen does show movies day and night but will also show live football on certain days. On the Independence last year they showed OZ , Grease and a couple of others but this will depend on weather. Hope this helps :) :) . Are you on the Independence or Adventure ??
  13. You can also order some Juices and tea and coffee from RCs excellent room service 24/7 and also Cafe Latte-tudes has some nice options, all complimentary(except speciality coffees).
  14. Saturday done , please vote everyone Matt is getting closer and closer to the top spot :) :) :)
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