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  1. @smokeybandit we got ours right there at the train station that's connected to/in the airport at a ticketing machine. I felt like it was a simple process and skipped the shipping on the compass card by waiting to purchase when we got there.
  2. @ScoularLook into downloading the bounce app. There are lots of places all over Seattle and Vancouver that are vetted where you can store your bags during the day while you're exploring. We used it in Seattle just last August and stored it at a mailbox store and they gave us some great recommendations for local places.
  3. The internet is great if you want to stream. I streamed the UGA v. GA Tech game on the island on the Harmony thanksgiving cruise and it came through pretty well considering I was on an island. We walked around looking for TVs and didn't find any.
  4. Public transit is very easy in both Seattle and Vancouver! It reminds me a lot of public transit in Japan/Taiwan. It's very easy. I second @Sharlarecommendation for both the Pan Pacific and the Waterfront in Vancouver. Sometimes the Pan Pacific prices out significantly less and they're next door to each other.
  5. Hi Ken-- I know from experience that if you're looking at doing the rail journey, you go up and turn around in Canada and the passport is for making sure all bases are covered. There are a few alternatives that venture further into Canada. If you're booking with a reputable company that offers vetted shore excursion operators, a refund if they're unable to port or operate is standard custom. It should be in the terms and conditions of whatever you're considering for Skagway. Enjoy Alaska!
  6. That sounds pretty awesome. I could build a nice private port itinerary.
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