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  1. DO NOT use this travel company for your insurance.

    I am still trying to get resolution from them for a positive covid test on child on June 10th cruise.  Missed part of cruise, missed a shuttle to FLL, missed flight, well was told by royal that we weren't allowed to fly. Royal took us to rental car company, said goodbye.  Had 2 young daughters with no car seats to drive all the way to PA. Royal basically has said sorry we do not cover any of these expenses.  AON is refusing to pay for them also. As I am holding while customer services says "no worries" going on an hour this time so far. 



  2. 45 minutes ago, Reigert2008 said:

    To be clear, I wasn’t taking shots at anyones belongs, just making a safety recommendation. I’ve been replacing that style of extension cord when I find them at my families houses and figured I would share the same recommendation to the OP.  My brother in law is a fire fighter and each winter they get so many runs due to people using these cords and plugging in space heaters, Christmas trees, running them under carpets, etc..


    if I offended @Walt Golasthen I apologize as that was certainly not my intent.


    I am a 42 yr fire fighter veteran. 

    I know the problem with the cord, but in cruise i am powering a watch and phone and fan next to bed.

  3. 23 hours ago, Pooch said:

    Yes exactly.  You cannot do it on the website but the app allows you to go directly to arrival time.  You will have to do each person in turn but you can do it.  I did it for our travel party of six then went back later after sleep & coffee & did the rest.

    Did you have to sign in on the APP with each persons email and password??  When I sign in on the APP I only see MY resv. 

    But when I sign in on the web on a computer, I see all 6 accounts that are linked.


  4. 18 hours ago, SpeedNoodles said:

    To get a better choice of boarding times if you check in right away.  You can always go in and add information later, but you'll want to have your passports, vaccine cards, and the credit card that  you want on your SeaPass account.

    Do you NEED the credit card info to do the check in? Or will it allow you to proceed without it?  I want to do a group of 20 of us. I have everybody linked on 2 signons. 

  5. 4 hours ago, AspiringCruisePlanner said:

    The last pushback was for the June cruises for 60 days instead of 30.  I think that's a good indicator that the July and beyond cruises would stay at the 90 day threshold.  I hope I'm wrong about this though.

    I have a June 11th cruise, my payments due were 90 days out.  Already down to 82 days.

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