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  1. Can’t wait to board, we did end up getting my Wife’s other results back at 4:00am so she is double certified!
  2. Love following everyone’s updates today. Cannot wait to board tomorrow. Just got my Wife’s negative test back and so we will see everyone on board tomorrow!
  3. So we flew out of Pensacola funny enough. We started in Florida, and our first flight was cancelled to Charlotte. Ended up going through Dallas to Miami and Uber to FLL. I did my test at CVS and got the results back yesterday evening so just over 24 hours. My wife went to Walgreens by her work and it doesn’t even show that they have received her sample from what we can tell. We found a place in Pompano Beach that will get you results before midnight same day if you test before 2pm for $89 Not taking any chances.
  4. Living proof of why we leave one if not two days early. We were in airports from 8am-11:30pm last night with cancellations and rescheduled but we’re so happy to finally arrive in FLL. I received my negative results sometime while we were in the air. Having an issue with my wife’s results not coming so about to head out and get a rapid PCR locally. Can’t chance it. In our Uber last night we passed a Princess ship and I definitely started to get in my feelings after almost two years since we have cruised let alone seen a ship in person. I hope everyone has save travels to the port and negative results!
  5. @WesKineticis correct and even worst case scenario they can make up bag tags at the curb for you when you arrive if God forbid you didnt have enough or even forgot them entirely.
  6. We are now staying at the Bahia Mar getting in Friday afternoon. Anyone in the area we would love to connect!
  7. Not much a rum drinker so if that is the passcode to meet the rest of the group I might be out of luck.
  8. @Matt @CruisingSteve @[email protected] @[email protected] @twangster @Josh C @[email protected]@RyanS So probably inaccurate count I would say that this is at least 12 different parties? I only draw attention to sea what kind of meet up you all are thinking about?! Its going to be a short stacked cruise based on everything going on but could it perhaps have 20 people from this online community? I am so excited to meet everyone, just worried I will meet everyone onboard and ask them "so are you on the Royal Blog?" Cheers to 2 weeks till night before? We are staying down on Fort Lauderdale beach if anyone wants to grab a beer and watch FSU vs ND on Saturday!
  9. Wow, A lot of people on this cruise now how fun! I look forward to catching up with a lot of you! We are very excited to use our UDP as this is a first time for us to purchase we have done the 3 nights previously but then end up buying other nights so it just seemed to make the most sense.
  10. We were sitting in the hot tub around sundown, a little late in the afternoon to be honest and a gentleman proceeded to get in with a full plate of windjammer food. Mostly I remember him trying to eat what I think was chicken wings and watching pieces of the food falling into the water around him. Needless to say it was a clear sign that it was time for us to exit and go get ready for dinner. (I can promise you him eating in the hot tub did not trigger a hunger response!)
  11. I don't believe that you receive any C&A points but the Cruise is free for you and a guest.
  12. No it looks like I will receive other information in another email. Not sure. I would hope that since you provide your address that they try and align you to something that is close. The only one that would be pricey or stressful to do would be out of NJ. I am located on the Gulf Coast near Pensacola so Galveston or Port Canaveral are no biggie.
  13. So as someone who never wins anything when it comes to drawings or raffles I received this email from Royal today while I was out and about. Super excited to see where they are going to assign me and trying to figure out logistics of making it onboard! I would love to hear if anyone else has received anything or even further details. I know one of the test cruises is on Wednesday.
  14. I'm curious since you checked in on Monday what time you got for boarding. We didn't check in until Friday and we got 1:00-1:30?
  15. How did you receive the onboard credit for your cruise planner purchases as ours were refunded as well? A perk from your TA or Royal just gave you OBC just to make up the difference?
  16. We were one of the Lucky ones that had our reservation lifted from Indy for the same dates and moved to Odyssey. Unbelievable luck and they kept us in a Jr. Suite for the price that we already had which was already a deal for Indy we thought. This will definitely be the only time we ever cruise this new of a ship for such a deal.
  17. Anyone going on this cruise, wish it was 7 nights and not 6 but still excited regardless. Will be me and my wife’s 1 year anniversary but also our honeymoon if it sails. Would love to meet up with a few folks!
  18. I feel like they are going to be higher just in general for a time once we get back to cruising because the absence of cruising has pushed up a demand not to mention how many people have probably rescheduled further limiting the supply. I think it will be 22 and prices will settle down. Just my opinion but it seems that a lot of the offerings are higher than what I remember pre COVID.
  19. I play the black Jack and the Slots game I didn’t realize there were 5 what are the others?
  20. Oh yes, it is more miss than hit, I think maybe one 1 out of 5 of our last cruises it was actually "cold".
  21. Thanks Landry_TX that is what I thought I just wanted to see if anyone had first hand experience. Good looking out!
  22. So as I was watching ship tours the other day and someone was showing off the mini-fridge it got me to thinking. Our fridge has always been empty when we board and we will occasionally use it for waters, perfect for next day recovery. My question is, can you ask for it to be stocked by your room attendant? Obviously there would be a charge associated but if you wanted soft drinks or beer put in there is that something that you can request? Is this that something that is available in higher level rooms? I appreciate any feedback!
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