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  1. He also shared that they "always" follow what Norwegian cruise lines does, thought that was an interesting piece of info.
  2. Our planner. He unofficially called to share with me the announcement coming tomorrow. He was asking for other dates he should look out for in re-booking the ultimate family suite as this is the 2nd time we've lost it due to C19.
  3. Just got the call, formal email coming out tomorrow regarding March sailings for sure and sounds like until May that US cruises are cancelled. I guess we all knew this was coming.
  4. Agreed. So, this was the second year in a row I've been able to book the Ultimate Family Suite. Aside from promising the kids this room (Ooops), space is essential. really went this route just in case we got/get quarantined on the ship as there many activities in that room. Getting that room is extremely difficult, don't really want to try my luck again.
  5. I wonder if cruise lines could get exceptions to the PVSA regulations given the circumstances. If a cruise is disallowed from stopping at a port in the country, it would make sense and still allow them to cruise albeit with a modified itinerary.
  6. We have a reservation on the July 2nd Ovation sailing, looks like we'll need to change that... Newbie question??? Why do ships have to stop in Canada on their way to/from Alaska, is it a supplies issue? Just wondering as they do transoceanic cruises that are longer...
  7. Thank you, that’s kinda what I’ve been thinking.
  8. Hi everyone, we’re new to this site and fairly new to cruising. We’ve been on one RCL cruise in 2019 on Adventure and loved it. Afterward, immediately started planning our second for spring break 2020 on Symphony, but we all know what happened there, thx C19. Anyway, we were able to rebook the same room we had for 20, praying it doesn’t get cancelled again (fingers crossed). Not looking good, I know and have been watching updates intently. We also have July reservation on Ovation in July to Alaska, wonder what will happen there. WRT star class, does anyone know if those services/amenities are changing for C19? Also I’ve heard a rumor RCL is going to make an announcement soon, any merit to this? Thanks and looking forward to cruising soon! Andy
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