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  1. what we have done, is for the 24 hours - do your timing right and you can log in two days in a row - say 8pm day 1, 7pm day 2 - the clock starts when you log in the first time
  2. Maybe it's been discussed before, my apologies if so...would the medical staff on board be eligible/authorized to be your proctor?
  3. I've started to get the "buy it now, before you're on board" messages - for a Jan trip. I was seriously looking at the Refreshment pkg bundled with one internet device I went in today and that option is gone. Gotta love tracking Any way - 2 questions 1) Do you think it will be back at another time 2) Only one person can buy that correct, not all in the cabin required. Thanks all.
  4. lol - so it's like getting a boarding position on SWA -
  5. Thanks all - any idea what the conditions and mood would be on the last sailing before drydock? Jan 21 and.... still haven't heard from our ta.......
  6. We're in that timeframe and haven't received anything yet - I was randomly looking today and saw the weeks blacked out. Now I must get pro-active and contact my ta..good luck all
  7. Speaking of MDR - you who have been recently.- any chance they took the time to change/modify/update the menu selections? For some of us annual travelers, it doesn't seem as if the selections have been updated in a long time. Yes, we could do specialty dining, but ...Thanks
  8. If they do keep the turkey dinner, please for all that's good in the world, pair it with mashed potatoes, not rice ! Yes to the tasty bites in the bread basket
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