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  1. I also get the impression that Southbeach cabanas have no USB port, no speaker, no ceiling fan, no power: A potentially true "disconnected" beach experience, to spin it positively. This is what I can deduce by watching videos about Coco Cay cabanas and an article in CruiseCritic. If I look at today's prices (for one of my future sailings) in $CAD: Thrill Water Park and Southbeach are both, $1,244.55 and according to at least 3 sources, seem to not have power, USB or speaker. Oasis and Chill Island are both $1,49371 and seem both to offer USB and/or power outlet, ceiling fan, speaker. Would be nice if this could be confirmed or debunked. Maybe I'll take that on myself in November 2021.
  2. We're fortunate to be vaccinated with the same band of vaccine both times. We will get on 2 ships in November, cruises were booked a long, long time ago. We've even decided to stay and do our first ever B2B in early December. We're OK with the protocols. A little worried about getting a PCR test for our return to Canada. Unsure if Royal will still offer a test onboard by then. If not, there's always the airport.
  3. I had been able to start check-in for my cruises in November 22 and 28 about 3 weeks ago, but unable to check-in completely of course, due to the health questionnaire, etc. due at most, they day before (or something like it). Now, all that is closed and it tells me that check-in will open on October 8 for my November 22 sailing, and October 14 for my November 28 sailing and October 21 for my December 5 sailing. 45 days instead of the previous 90 days. Interesting. More changes coming, I'm sure.
  4. Fully vaccinated Canadian cruising in late November 2021. Heard rumours that PCR test might be available onboard for re-entry into Canada. That would be great. I can imagine that if there are cases on board during my cruise, the lab will be too busy to process my re-entry PCR test. After all, resources are limited on a ship. I've found that FastTestNow at several Florida airports can process a RT-PCR test (acceptable for re-entry into Canada) within 30 minutes, if needed, but the cost is high. Other turn-around times for that test are next day by 11 pm, same day by 11 pm, same day within 3 hours. That's comforting to know. Booked 2 cruises last year: Harmony on Nov. 28 and later added Inde on Nov. 22. I'm pretty sure Inde will happen. Not so sure about Harmony because it'll be repositioning back from Europe, test cruise, approval, etc. All that takes time. I hope so. I'll already be in Florida. But I'm not convinced it's going to happen. If I need to change my flight and head home early, then at least I can get a quick covid test at the airport before I leave. I just have to throw a lot of $ at it.
  5. I have this going on right now. All 4 booked cruises "have no balance due". But when I go the payment page: Make a Payment my balance shows up. Wayyyyy to good to be true. It did make me smile. :-)
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