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  1. The difference between your post and the OP is that you still gave credit where credit is due and just said that it's not for you. Thank you for that. The OP decided to come on here and bad mouth it all like some hotels.com review. Maybe they work for the competition LOL
  2. Try looking on Cruisebound.com. I just saved $2k by booking through them and not the RC website.
  3. FINALLY!! I got the deposit down we can now make official plans. This is a Sweet 16 birthday trip for my daughter. Neither of my kiddos know yet. The youngest will find out when we pull up to the port. I've been waiting to get back on a RC ship since I got off the last one in 2013. I'm so excited!! Now let's start packing.
  4. I could probably handle the ships if they went to better ports or just ports that interest me more. I also enjoy the musical shows that are on RCCL.
  5. My family and I are looking to drive to the port from NC. There will be 6 of us and using two cars isn't an option. I don't care to pay for a rental AND parking for a week. Does anyone know if you can rent a car one way? I know most people fly in, but besides the price of 6 people flying, I have 2 that are physically unable due to medical issues. Any help is appreciated.
  6. @Al Miller I've seen those other ships and they just don't appeal to me. Maybe I've been spoiled (which is very possible) but I also am not a fan of the ports that CCL goes to. They don't go to St. Maarten and seem to love going to San Juan. I wish they (and Royal for that matter) went to different ports.
  7. My husband doesn't think that there is a rush either. He thinks that I'm worried about it selling out when it's actually about pricing. He also has no idea about what it took to even book our honeymoon. I've seen the sailing I'm planning for go up $300 in the last week or two and it KILLS me because I'm waiting on money to make my deposit. Hopefully, something will happen and it won't go up TOO much between now and then. I'm seriously looking at a 3rd party website as well instead of a TA.
  8. I keep looking at CCL but every time I do it feels like I'm trying to go to Waffle House instead of a good steak house to eat. I know we will be ok and probably have an ok time, but I also know that it won't be as nice, maybe a little dirty, and I won't get exactly what I want. Not to mention there may be a fight or two. LOL My kiddos are older and finding things for them to do becomes more than just being in the pool too. If CCL's newest ship that is in Galveston was in FL then I would look at it harder, but we can't get to TX to sail and the Western area doesn't appeal to us. So for now, we will just keep our eyes open and save where we can. However, I highly doubt we will be taking any more cruises after this next one unless somethings drastically change.
  9. I went on Cruisebound.com and their prices can be close to the RC website but they also have a better deal because you can get the guarantee cabin price while actually picking which room you want. I'm thinking of using them instead of a TA who will just contact RC to do the booking. I'm still keeping my eyes open however. I did notice a $100 to $150 jump in interior pricing in 24hrs on a early March sailing. It's getting ridiculous and some of us won't be able to cruise if they keep this up.
  10. @Ditchdoc Those are too cute! I'm going to have to remember to take a picture like that on our next cruise.
  11. I actually bought mine on Temu. They were cheaper than Amazon.
  12. My last cruise was in 2013 (forever ago!). But there was a cookie at the Promenade Cafe that I loved, however I can't remember what it was. It had a toffee feel to it. I also really enjoyed the baked Alaska in the MD. I can't wait to go on my next cruise!
  13. I decided to look up St. Maarten on Google and look at it on the Google Earth map. A RC ship is docked and so is another ship, but I'm not sure which line. The RC ship makes the other look like a bath toy! It's too funny! I can't tell which RC ship it is, but I'm pretty sure it is an Oasis class due to the Aqua Theater. A quick question... My Dad walks on a cane, is there a better way than walking to get him from the pier to the port? TIA
  14. We're the same. If we do eat out, it's cheap fast food that's average at best. We end up enjoying the food because it's different than our norm. Personally, I like not having to do the dishes. LOL
  15. Is there anywhere that has the prices for the specialty restaurants listed? I'm trying to figure out if I want to take my daughter to one and if we can afford it on our SOS trip.
  16. We are leaving the day you get back 3-2-25. It's a surprise sweet 16 birthday present for our daughter. She will know a few weeks ahead of time, but our son won't know until we get to port. Neither have never cruised before, nor have my parents who are joining us. I'm so excited as I haven't been on a ship since my honeymoon in 2013! I hope you have a great time!
  17. Has anyone ever used Cruisebound to book their cruise? If so, what was your experience? Is the fair refundable? How was the travel insurance if purchased? Was it a better deal? TIA.
  18. I have a special needs child as well (age 11) and I was thinking about getting him a band as well. Then I realized that he won't be without an adult so paying $5 for one might be pointless. The biggest bonus I can see is if you are on a sea day and aren't going to be paying for anything, you can just wear it to the pool or out and about and don't have to worry about your card. You do have to have your Seapass card to get you on and off the ship. The card having your name/picture/and drink package listed will help with confusion and make sure you don't end up with someone else's card or vise versa. The bands come in different colors but nothing on it says who it belongs to so there could easily be a mix up if you give it to the attendant to pay for something. For ease of just going in and out of your room then it's great, but other than that I'm not sure of the perks.
  19. Yes, when I said "free" I meant that I don't have to pay for it when my cruise is over. (girl math lol) If I decided that I actually want my pina colada a little stronger I can just mix in a shot and save a few dollars. Thank you to everyone for your advice!
  20. If I get the refreshments package, will the price of a cocktail be the same or will it be less because of the package? If it's not a lesser price then I could just pay for a shot and get my mocktail for free.
  21. I'm looking at getting the refreshments package that includes mocktails, as I'm not a big drinker. However, does this mean that everyone in the cabin has to get it too? Can they get a soda package or even nothing at all? My daughter doesn't really drink anything but water. I would like to avoid having to get her one too if I don't have to. TIA
  22. @USCG Teacher That would be fun either way. I'm really just trying to think of things that my 14yr old might be interested in doing. She can be a little bit of an introvert, unlike her mother. LOL
  23. You can still see her on the live camera for Port Miami. She's a big girl! (I can relate lol) I won't be able to sail on her for awhile, but sailing on an Icon class ship just got put on my bucket list! Happy Sailing to everyone who is getting to go!
  24. @Ryan79 & @CrznTxn Thank you!! I'll make sure to talk to someone about it. I know that volleyball isn't as popular as basketball and soccer, but it would be fun for us. My daughter plays on her school team so it would be interesting practice too.
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