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  1. The 'option' to cancel for a full refund was available to all under their own T&C's, when they made major changes to the itinerary. They just didn't advertise it or suggest it was an option so they could keep hold of your money !! If you had asked for it, you would have got it !
  2. According to a post on another thread, this cruise (24th Feb) has also now been cancelled and RCI offering full refunds ... phew double glad we got out early ! What a kerfuffle !?!
  3. We cancelled and demanded a full refund. The changes to the itinerary, in particular moving the embarkation point by 2500 miles just didn't work for us. We weren't particularly worried about catching the virus but being put in quarantine and being confined to a small cabin for 14 days did ! Royal Caribbean were receptive to our cancellation request and I'm happy to say we have received a full refund of our fare, gratuities, drinks & internet packages. So glad we took this option, particularly as we now learn that the preceding sailing of Quantum on the 15th out of Singapore has been cancelled at short notice !
  4. This new policy makes no sense with regard to including Hong Kong in the restrictions, and in cancelling Quantums visit to HK to disembark / embark passengers on 24th Feb, in favour of Singapore.As at 31st Jan, there are said to have been 16 confirmed cases of Coronavirus in Singapore ( population 5.6 million ) and only 12 confirmed cases in Hong Kong ( population 7.3 million ).
  5. Just out of interest ( and okay slightly mischievous ) Hong Kong - Population 7.3 million - last reported 10 cases of Coronavirus .. = OUT OF BOUNDS for Royal Caribbean passengers. Singapore - Population 5.6 million - last reported 7 cases of Coronavirus .. OK .. RC passengers free to travel to/ from, embark / disembark.
  6. Personally I don't understand why anybody would wish to cancel this trip and accept the 'offer' of a 100% future cruise credit. This is significant itinerary change, not only removing a visit to one of the major tourist cities in SE Asia, but disembarking you with less than 2 weeks notice 2500miles from where you expected to be heading. All travel plans incl flights, accommodation require change which will involve time, correspondence, negotiation, potential insurance claims etc etc. ... Royal Caribbean are completely out of order. If you want or need to cancel because of these major changes, Royal Caribbean need to offer full refunds !
  7. Just heard from RCI by email. Quantum is now not visiting Hong Kong on 24th Feb, but returning to Singapore to disembark passengers who boarded there on the 15th Feb cruise. It will also start its 24th Feb cruise from Singapore instead of Hong Kong. It is banning anybody from boarding, regardless of Nationality who has travelled from or through China and Hong Kong in the preceding 14 days. So anybody with flights booked to Hong Kong for the 24th Feb, can't just hop on a flight from HK to Singapore but have to cut out HK all together. If however, you want to stay at home, they say ' if you want to postpone your cruise and come back at a later time, we will provide you with a 100% Future Cruise Credit ..' oh so generous ! Let battle commence .. Full refund to be demanded !
  8. Due to cruise on Quantum of the Seas out of Hong Kong next month. Watching with interest the developing news of the spread of Coronavirus out of China. So far, there has been little information released from Royal Caribbean on likely effects to cruises in the area .. ( unless I haven't looked in the right places. ) I just wonder what measures RC are likely to take to prevent passengers embarking at Hong Kong carrying the virus.. or is it so unprecedented that they cancel the whole cruise ? Thoughts, advice, news or reassurance welcome !
  9. Hi .. off on Quantum soon and have purchased the Deluxe Beverage Package. We have ' My Time Dining ' which I assume is in a separate venue from the MDR. Can anybody clarify if drinks are available eg beer, wine by the glass under the Deluxe Bev Pack within the My Time Dining venue .. Thanks in advance
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