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  1. That was a smarter move... If they had given the option of a full refund to begin with, we would have taken it.
  2. Thanks! Angkor Watt is certainly on my bucket list! We’ve decided to go to the Maldives.
  3. Cancelling the 12th for a cruise departing the 15th is not really funny... certainly after RC already changed the route. I had to rebook a lot of hotels and flights... (still not finished) Original plan was flying to Hong Kong, stay a few nights there. Than fly to Singapore for the cruise going to Hong Kong. So after the rerouting had to cancel my international business flight (booked with miles, to make it complicated), Hong Kong Hotels before and after the cruise and flight to Singapore. Booked new flights to Singapore, hotel before and after the cruise. Now I'm stuck in Singapore with a gap of 10 days... and figuring out where to go next... Have to rebook my flights and hotels once again! This costs me far more than RC offers. Not to mention the hassle. RC could have been more forthcoming and anticipating. Even now they're keeping people hostages with not letting them cancel the March Quantum cruises for a full refund...
  4. RC offering a full refund. And some peanuts for the flights etc... From what I hear Princess offers 100 % and 100 credit for the cancelled 13 feb Sapphire Princess departure.
  5. Got message today cruise got cancelled... Already in Singapore...
  6. Thanks! Hope so. We're staying in a Owner's loft suite w balcony. Only my second cruise but liked the Symphony of the Seas (crown loft suite) last year.
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