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  1. Just out of curiosity, how often do people get upgraded with a GTY room?
  2. Hi - What camera is this? Looks incredible!!!
  3. This may sound stupid - but will these offers still be available on Friday? (Pay day for me!)
  4. Just checked mine for Allure in January, its still priced at £49. Hoping this comes down on black friday!
  5. Hi all, Just looking for a few tips on dining. We are sailing on Allure Of The Seas in January. Just wondering what time the restaurants open etc. Is there always somewhere to get food whatever the time (mainly thinking of jet lag). When we go to the Dining Room for our evening meal, can we request a table for 2 or do we have to dine with other people? Thanks in advance
  6. Hi all, Just looking for some advice. I want a drinks package for our cruise in January, over the past week the prices rose to £49.94 ($64.34) per person per day. Today after I checked I seen that it has dropped to its original price of £46.36 ($59.73) per person per day. Would you pay this or wait till black Friday? I believe the price will only stay like this until Tuesday? Thanks all
  7. Thanks for the help. We are due to check in at 11am. Is it an easy enough process? We’ve done the online check in.
  8. That’s great info. Is it possible to remove gratuity from my account? Do I just speak to guest relations on board? I prefer to tip as I go so it’s easier to manage my money. Thanks for your help.
  9. Thanks that's great information. When it comes to gratuity we have declined the use of our card. We would much rather pay in cash rather than on an account - is this possible to do?
  10. How good is the discount if you re-book on board? At the time of booking we managed to secure $1000 off due to an online sale.
  11. Cant wait to read all about it Hayley. I'm looking forward to visiting Costa Maya!!
  12. Thank you for all the replies. We are so excited. Will it be warm enough to snorkel?
  13. Hi all, My girlfriend and I are going on our first ever cruise at the end of January. We are on Allure of the seas sailing to Perfect Day, Bahamas, Cozumel & Costa Maya. We are lucky enough to have the drinks package along with a balcony room. Hoping the weather is warm mid 20’s or higher as we are based in the UK and it’s Baltic! Thanks
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