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  1. Jimmys easter sale is a great opportunity to taste Cuban Havana Club rum at a give away price! Wish I was there now!
  2. Uh oh... As of September 23,2020,Cuban rum and cigars are once again, illegal,to import into the USA from any country. Enjoy them on your vacation,but realize,Cuban souveniers will probably be confiscated upon return to USA. Feel lucky to have stocked up when they were still legal...
  3. So,did Cozumel have any HC or did the trip get cancelled? I was in Santo Domingo,Dominican Republic at the end of February, and several stores in the airport had 3 year and 7 year available in 750 ml size.(old style tall bottles on the 7 year) Didn't see any for sale in different towns or grocery stores though.
  4. A new store (giftaholic) which used to be a 700 wines right on bay street just got in a big shipment of Havana Club direct from Cuba.Prices are double what they should be but it IS available. White,gold,yellow labels are $36.Brown label is $40.Black label is $50.Box set is $80. The bottles are all 70 Cl size...Everyone else's stores bottles are 1L size.Enjoy!
  5. I'm in Nassau right now.Big chain retailers (700 wines,Bristol) don't carry it anymore but it is available in many smaller independent stores.7 year runs $37 at Jimmies to $60. 3 year runs $20 - $30. Store across street at cruise ship exit gate has both available.Those are the only Cuban expressions I've seen on this trip.
  6. Havana Club rum is not as common as it used to be in Nassau.It is still available in some smaller bars and non chain liquor stores at inflated prices.Check Cuban liquor store across the street from Senior Frogs...
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