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  1. It doesn't matter who these guys work for, they should adhere to their customer's, (Royal Caribbean) customer service standards. I would report this rude behavior so Royal Caribbean can address it with their vendor.
  2. Hubby and I like to work out everyday and love the gyms on the Oasis Class ships. When it comes to eating on the ship, working out is like throwing a match on a forest fire...we both still gain weight.
  3. The Owners and Crown Loft are both Sky Class, so benefits will be the same. We have stayed in the Crown loft several times and love the space and two bathrooms. The two floor views out the windows are fantastic. The balcony is of good size and we spend a considerable amout of time out there. You are very close to the Suite lounge and Coastal Kitchen. We really appreciated the location on the 17th floor.
  4. Take the wine in your carry-on to the ship. Why chance a hassle when you are permitted to take the two bottles on yourself.
  5. Don't know about your ship but, we have been on the Allure, Quantum and Oasis and they have all had great Gyms. Opening on these ships are 6:00 AM. My hubby and i work out everyday so we can go to the bar, play darts and eat chips and salsa...hahaha
  6. When does the Allure go into Dry Dock? We have a cruise booked for a 12 day Atlantic crossing for March 1, 2020 from FLL and docks in Barcelona......hoping is will be completed by then.
  7. My husband and i has a Royal Genie on the Allure of the Seas last year and we tipped $500.00 for the week. We are pretty low key and didn't use him all that much. He was a great guy and checked in a couple of time a day to see if there was anything we needed. He helped with reservations and shore excursions and what he did for us was top notch.
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