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  1. I don't understand the above statement, I'm from Melbourne and I think someone is pulling your leg (probably someone from Sydney ). Shops are open Tuesday in Melbourne - even the Victoria Market opens on a Tuesday (closed Mon&Wed). It's the second (or could be the first now) largest city in Australia. It's a very beautiful city with wonderful architecture, great shopping district, and considered Australia's culture, food and cafe capital. Adelaide is a lovely city - the city of churches. Sydney is in a beautiful location. Also - South Island New Zealand is on the cool side, even
  2. Thanks everyone for your replies, I appreciate the responses. I emailed reservations and they clarified for me that I was booked for early seating traditional dining. It would still be nice for that to be indicated on my planner.
  3. Thanks for the suggestion - I've actually tried to add MTD as an activity from calendar but it doesn't give me the option to add it to cart. The other restaurants (including solarium bistro) do, but not MTD. I'll chase it up and find out what's going on with it. Thanks again
  4. Thanks so much for the input. I think I'm getting confused because I can't see anywhere to book MDR dining in my planner. Others have told me they have been able to book My Time but I can't nor can I see if I have been booked for any. When hubby and I cruised Princess, many years ago, they only had early or late dining - so when I booked I just said we'd prefer to eat early than late -- didn't know what MyTime was, I do now. I'm just someone who likes to plan early . I'll see if I can find out through official channels. Thanks again, I appreciate it, very helpful
  5. Hi all, My family and I are going on our first cruise Jan next year. When we booked the cruise, the confirmation invoice received stated – Dining (Waitlist) MY TIME (5:30 PM) under each of our names. Does this mean we are booked for dining at 5:30PM? I can’t find anything to indicate our dining time on our Cruise Planner (not even on the calendar), it only has options for booking specialty dining. Other people have told me that they are able to book My Time dining times on their planners, but there is no option for me to do that. I’m ok with 5:30PM, if th
  6. It showed up in my Jan 2020 today
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