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  1. 22 minutes ago, JLMoran said:

    Just so you have a second data point — did a 5-night Cruise last year, wife and I each used only a carry-on size for our stuff. Checked both with the porters and just used a small backpack to carry around stuff we wanted with us after boarding.

    Thanks, I appreciate that! Great to know this is actually a thing, we plan to just carry a small backpack as well. 

  2. Hi there! I'm going on Symphony of the Seas next month and my DH & I were contemplating whether or not we should each use airplane approved carry-on size suitcases or just the standard size checked luggage. 

    We like the aspect of getting off the plane quickly and also being able to hold on to everything we'll need for the cruise BUT we also would like to explore the ship and take a dip in the pool on embarkation day without having to lug around our suitcases. In the event we do go the small carry-on sized suitcase (22") route, are we allowed to give it to the porters when we get to the ship? Or do they only take really large suitcases?


    Has anyone ever given the porters their carry-on sized suitcases? Thanks in advance!

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