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  1. Day 4: Skagway Skagway we were in port from 7am - 830pm. An incredibly long day in port. Which meant you could easily do multiple excursions or activities. This stop was the most difficult for us to decide what to do. Since we took the train to Seward we did not want to take the Whitepass railroad. So in a last minute decision (a few weeks ago) we settled on a Kayak excursion at a local lake over in Haines. The day started off with a coffee from Latte Tudes and breakfast in the Food Jammer. Once off the ship we noticed we were in port today with Ovation of Seas again.
  2. Hello all. Sorry for the delay and gap in posting. We got so busy and caught up in our vacation I didn’t really have time to sit down and tupe out detailed posts. I’ll update with a day by day posting later today. I’ll have even more photos when we download the photos from my girl friends camera. Dreading going back to work. Was for sure a vacation of a lifetime.
  3. Happy Monday! Thank you everyone for all the love. Yesterday in Juneau was a blast. We are in port from 9am to 9pm. Started off the day with a fresh Windjammer Omlette. As soon as the captain gave us the all clear we headed straight off the ship. We docked at the AJ dock which mean’t we are about 20min walk from downtown. Luckily the excursion company met us at the dock. It appeared it was going to be a crowded day in Juneau. Ovation also came in after we arrived. What a beautiful ship. There were plenty of folks on Radiance who participated in the tour so almost everyo
  4. Day three has begun! Almost time to walk off the ship for Juneau for our Glacier Trek. the first evening on board and our first full day (sea day at Hubbard Glacier) were jam packed with great food and having fun. First dinner in Main dinning room was absolutely fantastic. I had the fish of the day. It was so good I ordered another plate. My girlfriend got the chicken fingers and fries. Might have been the best chicken fingers I’ve had in a while. Day two we hung out in the Solarium and I also went to an Enrichment lecture on whales in the morning. In the afternoon we arrived to
  5. Made it on-board the cruise and finally unpacked! Arrived to Seward shortly after 11am and took a shuttle ride over to the small boat dock where we boarded a boat for the National Park Tour. The tour was breaktaking and we witnessed so much sea life! We even saw Sea Lions fighting on the rocks. We also visited a glacier incredible how close we got. Time for muster drill. below are some iPhone photos from the day.
  6. It’s’ cruise day! Currently on the train from Anchorage to Seward. I had a detailed post from yesterday however, it wouldn’t let me post and I didn’t save my post. I realized because I wasn’t entering my email address. I think we were awake for almost 24 hours yesterday. Spent half the day traveling and half the day exploring the Anchorage area. The Crow Pass Trail to Crystal Lake was absolutely stunning. Took about 4 hours round trip. Took great photos and even saw a Dal Sheep. So excited for our day. The train ride is stunning so far. Doing a 6 hour wildlife cruise wh
  7. Question for anyone who has ever done this itinerary. While in Seward on cruise departure day, have you done any of the wildlife day cruises offered by Major Marine or Kenai Fjords tours? I am trying to decide if they are worth it and if we will have time for a 6 hour tour and not miss the ship. Thanks
  8. Awesome! I wish we were able to make it up to Denali. Getting in only a day prior it's hard to justify a 4 hour trip north to Denali for just part of the day. I believe there are several other RC Blog folks on this cruise?
  9. Thank you! I have a feeling we will board the ship a lot sooner. Being on Eastern time we will be starving by 4PM! So may get on then to eat dinner.
  10. Thank you! Did you happen to be on the 6 night western Caribbean cruise, i think it left March 22? Was a great time besides getting severe food poisoning the first night and two of our three excursions being cancelled due to the windy conditions. A week long in Glacier sounds like a dream. Do you have any tips when going there? Yes, we will see how far of that 8 miles we actually make. Our flight leaves at 6am Eastern time and arrives 1230pm Alaska time. Over 10 hours of being on a plane or in the airport. But I am willing to sacrifice my sanity to experience the beauty of Alask
  11. Greetings Royal Caribbean Blog. My name is Adam and I am from Ohio. This is my first ever post on the forum and I am excited to start contributing. I have been ghost reading the blog and forums for a over a year now. It has immensely helped my girlfriend and I book and plan our first Royal Caribbean cruise in the March of 2018 as well as planning our upcoming Alaska Adventure. We depart in 11 days! Below is a summary and kind of a play by play on how our vacation has come together. I hope to provide daily updates during the cruise. I am not to sure if the photos will upload or not so that may
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