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  1. Made a crude little Blackjack game that suggests what to do in each situation, this picture came in handy. Good luck on the tables!
  2. +1. Just got back and I enjoyed Nachi a lot. Very quiet and my understanding daily limits so doesn't get crowded. My friends and I grabbed a taxi right outside the shops. Easy.
  3. This. Consider a VPN. Doubt hackers are taking a cruise just to hack ... But, safe than sorry.
  4. Me too. Recently received a flight cancellation from United via email. I checked the app, yep flight gone. I called, given some nonsense excuse about "glitch" and in a minute my reservation was back in the app. The seat wasn't assigned but that took a few clicks. Something that could have been a big deal wasn't because I was alerted and handled it immediately. +1 for technology and walking around with instant access to email LOL.
  5. I think at this point, if it was me, I would keep fighting with Royal, find that FCC and book the cruise at the higher price (with a travel agent). Here's why - I don't disagree this person needs to finally have someone stand up to them, but I see this as a tough case to win (disclaimer not a lawyer or even close just my gut). Even if they do convict your friend of fraud will the judge award you something you really didn't lose (besides the deposit, which there may be a FCC coming)? Also, if no FCC you can just file a complaint with your credit card. Is there a tangible value in this situation? You lost a price lock but not the actual money. You mentioned lawyer. Do you have one? What do they say about possible outcomes? Would lawyer fees be covered in a perfect win situation? Does this person have the means to actually pay the restitution? What about your mental health (IE: Stress) during the case? For me, it might just end up being another life lesson added to my spreadsheet. A side note. If this person is willing to mess with your vacation they are willing to do more. If you don't already, get some identity protection and maybe a password manager (and make each password strong and unique for everything, including this site). I don't have or use the product but hear great things about Norton 360 + LifeLock, it's a nice all in one package. Good luck, I am sorry your "friend" is a shitty person. Little life lesson from "A Bronx Tale" that may apply here.
  6. I was on the second to last Adventure sailing where masks were mandated again. Honestly I was upset at first, one of the reasons for picking it was no masks. It wasn't that bad. A lot of venues were no masks required. Basically had to wear it from place to place (hallways, elevators, etc) didn't ruin the cruise for me. I lost my mask on the pool deck and I made a dash to room for another. I missed that suggestion on the survey but a box of masks from outside area to inside for those "lost on pool deck" masks would have been nice. Heck, even around the ship too, those disposable masks always have straps breaking.
  7. Last few cruises I've seen people disembark via ambulance. If I recall you were on Adventure with me back in September ... I believe the port was Cozumel, but the ship across the way had an ambulance pulled up along side. I saw it from the pool deck. Edit: add picture, it was Cozumel.
  8. Got mine too, GS, ended up doing the minimum bid as a YOLO the other night. What sucks, no extra suite points but at the cost, I'm over it LOL.
  9. I've heard of others had their CVS randomly cancelled. None of my CVS appointments were cancelled, I've cancelled them on my own after getting Walgreens BUT, they were PCR not rapids. Walgreens tomorrow at 10:15AM. Already had Walgreens on Sunday for Visa and Airline. Tomorrow it's going to be HI ME AGAIN lol. Good luck on Thursday! (I do have one CVS (PCR) appointment left on Wednesday in case rapid comes back positive.)
  10. Walgreens at midnight seemed to open up the next booking window. At midnight tonight (technically tomorrow) Thursday slots should open for you. What I did last night at 11:30 PM was go through all the steps and got to the appointment pick part. Nothing for Wednesday, yet. I continued watching TV and shortly after midnight hit refresh and BAM Wednesday slots opened at a Walgreens offering rapid 20 minutes away... I had lots of choices with times too.
  11. I'm hearing low numbers too, super excited about that. I'm finally getting excited as it's looking like a reality!
  12. Covid Test 1 done, Visa application submitted, backup Monday PCR cancelled. One more test on Wednesday, hoping I can get another Walgreens Rapid should know about midnight or so when times open up.
  13. There are a lot of JS left, I bet your bid will be accepted. At a minimum of $200 I'm tempted but I'll stay in my balcony. Heck, $400 is minimum for GS, tempted there too but this trip was about the low, low fare. I talk myself out of it by saying "you'll rarely be in the room and no extra C&A points" ?.
  14. Yep. Antigen is fine. Friends contacted Michael Bayley via Facebook and the reply was either test. Also as you've mentioned @teddy later in the email it mentioned both. They should send out an update because people are getting conflicting messages from Royal's customer service.
  15. After a bunch of digging I found a place offering rapids nearby. They charge $65 but claim I can submit to insurance for reimbursement. Seeing as it is 15 minutes away I scheduled. Going to cancel my two PCR CVS appointments. Not that I wouldn't do two, three, or sixteen tests, but I'm going with the one and whatever happens, happens.
  16. Yes, I know people are being approved in 2+ hours, but i'd rather not put that in writing. I am a person who likes to err on the side of caution hence "under 24 hours." Personally it's a moot point as I'm not finding a guaranteed antigen test on September 1st, yet. If I do, I'll schedule and cancel my others. With the Delta variant causing increased cases, I urge everyone to check what's available. A month ago an antigen test was available at every corner drug store but now, not so much. Hey, just over two weeks we will be pool side on Adventure with a drink forgetting all about this stuff ?.
  17. It looks like Bahamas is approving under 24 hours, so that's the good news. The bad news, in my area, it looks like getting an Antigen isn't that easy. SO, I might be doing 2 PCRs. I already scheduled a PCR for Sunday with CVS so at least I have something lined up. I'll do the same for Wednesday when it opens up. If I can cancel both for an Antigen on Wednesday I'll do that. However, that's not an option for me today without driving two hours (plus time at testing site). Rather have a plan in place that can be easily changed, 2 PCRs is it. Personally, I've been tested before, it's not the end of the world ... and hey, a PCR test is the most reliable anyway.
  18. Technically true, I think they add chlorine and minerals into it therefore no longer distilled. Most ships do have reverse osmosis systems, I'll not pretend I know how they work LoL ?.
  19. I do basically the same. Honestly as a WFH person still, there really isn't much to do to be more cautious. I am bringing my work laptop in case I get "stuck" somewhere having to quarantine.
  20. Nothing. Hopefully this doesn't come across wrong but if I change my behavior for a vacation then I'm questioning how serious I'm taking this virus. If I test positive, even a false positive, then so be it. IN FACT, if a true positive (I'm vaccinated) I need to question how serious I'm taking this virus. Edit: although, I did get COVID in January from my wife. She was exposed volunteering as an EMT.
  21. Not exactly apples to apples, since I'm talking Anthem from NJ to Bermuda so semi apples to oranges, but with iFly it was booked tight, lots on standby. I had the suite concierge book it. I'd say add that to day 1 stuff, run over and make a reservation ASAP. The NS wasn't that bad, however, I want to say I booked it ahead of time, but friends of mine booked onboard at their leisure, via the app. I assume paying the extra $50 is a cruise planner thing? If so it sounds amazing, and worth way more than that. Oh, Alaska, gotta go soon. Enjoy!
  22. Of course not! I was referring to other media sources that would ?
  23. I can see the headlines now ... "I was a COVID-19 positive volunteer on a Royal Caribbean cruise ship and locked up like a prisoner."
  24. Not a fan of "never" but add me to the inside stateroom list. First cruise, 3-day themed on Carnival - 3 in an inside, BIG mistake. I am a balcony or better person and so is my wife, we like our personal slice of the sea. I'm sailing solo for the first time in September and still booked a balcony, although the price is comparable to an inside room LOL. BUT, I really wanted a balcony, somewhere to sit and stare, even as a solo traveler.
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