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  1. What's worse is the personal stories used for the agenda. Don't get me wrong, I feel for everyone who contracts the virus, especially early on when little was known. I just feel the stories mixed in this article are the reinforcement of why cruise ships are bad and "major" factor in the early spread.
  2. Being 90 minutes from Bayonne, I hope you're right! I'll fly wherever though, wife and I decided it's time for a "new ship smell" with Icon. We sailed Oasis January of 2010 and loved being on the 7th or so sailing. Closet we have been since was Anthem September of 2016, so she was ~17 months old.
  3. Labadee I'll echo the zipline was amazing, the views alone make it worth it. I also had a blast on Dragon's Tail. It's a little "coaster" where you sit in a cart that's attached to a track. You control the speed with a lever so be cautious of slow riders. It's basically an alpine slide with some neat views. Reminded me of Action Park in Vernon NJ. We went to Dunn's River but didn't walk the falls. We had a taxi guy take us around and that was one of the stops. The falls were cool but we weren't fully equipped to hop in. There can be some pushy vendors there too, but a simple no tha
  4. Testing: I'll gladly do it, even if it's a direct cost to me. My only issue is false negatives & positives. I get the percentage is low, but it's still there. A small percentage of healthy people will be denied & a small percentage of sick people will not. That is a crappy fact we have to face, especially if we are one of them.
  5. I agree. I see it as short term as (hopefully) mandatory masks (we all know there will be masks in the beginning). Assuming some sort of vaccine and treatments are available during second half of 2021 things will start to get relaxed. (At least that's my hopelessly optimistic opinion). In regards to itinerary, I think my September 2021 cruise is perfect. 7 night CocoCay on Oasis. Orlando I can go to anytime, quick flight. I don't care about Nassau and was just going to do the flight simulator. It's just about seeing the amplification of Oasis, finally getting to CocoCay, and sailing from
  6. Didn't think the Bank of America RCL card but also didn't realize you spoke to your CC already. Interesting. Which two? (Out of curiosity). Sometimes you might have to go as far as clearing all cookies and such. Maybe try incognito in Chrome, I think that will ignore plugins assuming the "allow in incognito" isn't active. Also it pains me to say this (because I believe their purpose is to download the Chrome installer lol) but sometimes the OS provided browser (Edge for Windows or Safari for macOS) will work better to circumvent a browser bug in Firefox or Chrome.
  7. Labor Day or not someone should answer the number on the back of the card, 24/7/365(6). I would call the CC and see what happened with the transaction, if they never received it, glitch on RCL side, if they did you'll know why it was refused. Good Luck!
  8. The Royal Swedes, my wife and her friends loved them LOL. They were more the lively people, dancing and stuff, so think it was more about music to dance and drink to. We didn't spend much time at 270, out of three Anthem to Bermuda trips we FINALLY went once (besides the quest we did that each time and yes obviously in 270) during the day. It was boring just some kind of light music playing, and a regular movie playing with closed captioning. We checked out the cafe and had a nice little lunch / snack which we enjoyed. We've done the 5 day Bermuda sailing 7 times. We love Bermuda, e
  9. Loved Anthem, another ship I could stay aboard without a problem. Last September we did a 5 day to Bermuda and Hurricane Jerry cut the 2 days in Bermuda to 1. While I love Bermuda, we've been before and will go back again, I really enjoyed the extra sea day. That's my one 'argument' I have with a friend about hurricane season. The ship is a large part of my destination, sure sometimes I really wanted to see a port, but just an excuse to sail again. Honestly, we had 1 cruise with a modified itinerary and yet to miss a ship flying in the winter (NY) to FL for a January cruise. When it comes
  10. Same. Our September 2021 cruise on Oasis is: Port Canaveral, CocoCay, Nassau. The sailing is all about seeing Oasis again and CocoCay and not much more.
  11. Same. I was very "not wearing a mask on-board" and still am to a point, but have realized, even for my next cruise (not until September 2021) it's a big possibility. It's just a way of life now, pull into parking spot, turn off car, grab phone from holder, grab mask from center console, open door, exit, put mask, walk to store.
  12. My wife and I aren't "foodies" or too picky of eaters and find most things tasty, not just on RCL but locally too. However, I've had my "foodie" friends say something is delish and the next day say something else is not delish. There are also some "foodie" friends who find it "just okay" and never heard anything better or worse.
  13. Yep, that's my thing more than anything - letting him eat it all - or take it all - just because. OH well, probably did my fat butt a favor :).
  14. Letting your child put a big pile of bacon on his plate in the Windjammer, not leaving any of the rest of us. I mean, there is always more coming, just wow, he put like an entire package worth and he was a little kid (8?). At that age my parents would have killed me if I took more than 3 slices (only because it's vacation could I eat that many LOL).
  15. My thoughts exactly! What's the rush? Sip your drink and wait.
  16. My wife has it and uses it for her everyday spending. She's not into the points game. She has yet to redeem them, maybe for come Cruise Planner stuff for September 2021. Is there a portal or something to access and get the points? Curious / asking for her.
  17. Same. Some are easy, like when I snagged the JetBlue card just for the bonus, I needed to spend $1000 so it wasn't bad, others can be a bit more expensive.
  18. As a trifecta user, it's not too bad actually. The challenging part is to remember what the 5% are and to put that card in your wallet. Although, I do have everything in Google Pay too, so no biggie, but again, remembering LOL. Without going into boring details, some quarters the categories are either something you can automate online (Netflix) or you're not interested (Amazon but get 5% cash back via Amazon a different way). Also ... as to Chase cards ... I also have the United Card. Sure, some perks that I try and take advantage of (able to get wife TSA Pre & Lounge, etc) but it's n
  19. Right, for Chase you'd have to use their portal and you can book with whoever, think of it like kayak. As mentioned, you do get a better value for points, BUT, you're not booking direct, which isn't something I'm a fan of. You can also use Sapphire to buy direct with Delta and redeem points for cash to pay the bill, although not ideal. If 80% is at Costco, check out cards that give good bonuses for that too... Maybe a card that pays 2% at grocery stores or something... Although, those are usually cash back, but you can use the cash to pay the airline tab... (Just tossing ideas, someo
  20. I'm a Sapphire Reserve guy too and everyone covered all I'd say and more. Delta & Chase you'd have to book through Chase's travel portal or convert the points to cash. If you're looking for Delta specific rewards give the American Express cards a look, I believe they will transfer to Delta. They have branded cards too I believe but I'd consider the Platinum, that's American's premium card, like Chase's Sapphire. What I like about Chase personally is I have a bit of a trifecta: Freedom (5% rotating categories), Freedom Unlimited (1.5% always), Sapphire Reserve (3% travel &
  21. @MuttMutt what a touching story. I'm so sorry about your wife. I was never interested in a cruise at all. It just never appealed to me assumed it would be boring, etc. My wife's sister who also never been on a cruise asked us to join her for a 3 Day Country Themed cruise to the Bahamas. Great, Country Music & a cruise, I wasn't a fan AT ALL of the idea. However, my wife (then girlfriend) wanted to go so we went. I still wasn't a country music fan (still not) but instantly fell in love with cruises. When we got back I booked a 5 Day Cruise to Bermuda on Explorer out of Bayon
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