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  1. Hello, my extended family and I will be on Harmony in the coming weeks and I was wondering where people recommend getting some work done while on board. Are the conference center areas open for use or only if you book them? Thanks!
  2. Not to thread hijack but do you have some of those strategies written down somewhere or would be willing to share? I was platinum at MGM prior to my son being born this last year and since COVID we haven't been going to Vegas near as much but I could take that money over to casino Royal for the benefits. ETA and to stay on topic: My first cruise was on my honeymoon in 2019 on RC and I was hooked. Between the numerous options of activities and food, as well as being partnered with MGM I've received some great deals. Plus now that my wife and I have started a family I feel it's one of the best options to start building loyalty as cruising is one of the best options for a younger family with the adventure ocean program.
  3. I don't believe you aren't able to earn tier credits/rewards between the two. I believe the OBC is 125 for Gold and 200 for Platinum. I ended up booking my February cruise through Mlife and received the OBC. I haven't tried to add it to my cruise booked through the Interline but may try it.
  4. We booked a cruise for this June last July and had booked a couple excursions. Without notice they ended up cancelling them about 2-3 months later. I'm assuming it's covid related with one reason or another. I've seen more added (and some subtracted) as we have gotten closer to our cruise this month but still not a significant amount of options.
  5. Thanks everyone! I did this and ended up calling as well and there doesn’t seem to be part of the sale for this cruise
  6. Is anyone else not showing a sale price on the DBP after purchasing it? Also I’m getting a different looking cruise planner for each of my 2 sailings which may be causing the issue too. Below is a screenshot of our cruise in February (the one I can’t see the sale price of) and the second screenshot is our June cruise where it shows properly.
  7. Just went to check on my cruise planner for our cruise next June on Harmony. They cancelled two of the shore excursions I had booked in St. Thomas and no other shore excursions appear on the cruise planner. Has anyone else experienced this with their bookings?
  8. Did I put 2021? ? I keep forgetting 2020 happened ?
  9. Couldn't find one of these so far, so here we go ?. My wife and I will be taking our 13 month old (at the time of sailing), and my in-laws, and my sister in-law's fiance will be joining us! I would love any suggestions on how to sail with a little one. We have already requested a pack-n-play/crib and high chair. This is my second cruise after our honeymoon's Mediterranean Greek Isles cruise, and I'm extremely excited! Below is the link to the Facebook group (I am not an admin but found it was already established) https://www.facebook.com/groups/834069703842920/
  10. Here's the link to a Facebook group for those on the May 11 2020 cruise on Independence of the Seas https://www.facebook.com/groups/340651366880781/
  11. Hello everyone it's kind of last minute but I created a Facebook group for the Greek Isles sailing of Jewel of the Seas on May 2nd. I got the idea from the live YouTube video from this past week and couldn't find an established group yet. The link is below, feel free to join if you are going too https://www.facebook.com/groups/404390470360459/
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