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  1. There has been a New York Strip on the main dining room menu every night that I have spent on a ship. Its my husbands go-to. It comes with Herb Butter or Peppercorn sauce but you can get that on the side.
  2. I've read that some hotels offer free (or included) parking during your cruise. Has anyone stayed at a hotel with this amenity and would you recommend the hotel? The few that I have found in my search online said that they didn't offer parking when I called them. Hotel Galvez has parking included but they are already booked for the night we'll be there. Thanks in advance!
  3. In addition to what has already been said, I recommend linking all of your reservations together (if you didn't book all the reservations) to make it easier to book the MTD. You can do this by calling in to customer service at any time. Once you are linked together, it makes it easier to book the reservation in the cruise planner under dining. You can manually link them in the cruise planner using each party's reservation number but sometimes its glitchy and a PITA. We do MTD all the time and have never had an issue but yes they do fill up by the so book as soon as you can. I'm 47 da
  4. Totally agree with the "think airport" comment above. To add on to what has been said already - For us, we like to eat in the dining room the 1st night so we bring a carry-on sized bag with a change of clothes in the event our bags are delivered after 6pm (has happened) but we go as light as possible. If we are getting on the ship early we'll arrive in shorts with swimsuits under and carry a single carry-on with us. The rest of the bags go with the porter. Then when the cabins open about 1p, we put the carry on in the cabin. Our last cruise we had an overnight flight to Miami and we litera
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