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  1. We had Izzy for our first Star Class experience and were disappointed overall. We didn't hear anything from him pre-cruise until 15-days prior to sail when I finally called RCL. After that phone call he sent one introductory pre-canned email and one email with a draft schedule. When I sent our edits/inputs to his draft he never responded and our next communication with him was when we met at embarkation. At the port he was late for our pick-up and we could have boarded faster if we had just gone with General boarding. Other than stragglers, we were literally the last people to board .
  2. Like you, I'm a planner. And when I read your blog, and others, about the planning pre-cruise you did with your Genie it pisses me off, thinking....no...knowing, we've already missed out on some things. - Reserving Cabanas? Now probably too late - Dinner plans? Not done - CK Menus? No idea Especially considering RCL advertises contact with your Genie 4-weeks before cruising to facilitate your "expereince" "Approximately 4 weeks before: Your Royal Genie will contact you via email in order to finalize the details of your vacation." http://www.royalcaribbean.com/royalsuiteclass/faq/
  3. We received our SC questionnaire on January 15th which we completed and sent back the next day. That was the only contact we had until March 3rd when I emailed the Oasis concierge asking if we had an assigned Genie and if they had forgotten about us. Later that night I received an email from our Genie; "Thank you for choosing Royal Caribbean. I hope you’re getting excited for your upcoming adventure. My name is XXX and I am thrilled to serve as your Royal Genie. I can’t wait to welcome you to your XXXX Suite XXX onboard Oasis of the Seas on Sunday, March 17, 2019. I’m thrilled to help
  4. We're sailing in 10 days and have received one email from our Genie. And only then after I emailed the concierge asking if they had forgotten about us. Since then, nothing more from the Genie. Very disappointed in the communication from this Genie and already negatively impacting the opinion of our first Star Class experience.
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