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  1. Off to a great start. I've waited in the lines to get on board and felt the exact same way- that Henry looks 😂 @Callummck Where did you sit for the show in the theatre? I'm sailing on Brilliance in Nov and like to get any insider tips on good places to catch the shows
  2. Following as well! Even if it's a semi-love blog, any blog from the ship is always great to read! Enjoy the cruise- can't wait to see pictures and hear your thoughts. First time cruising is always so fun to watch someone experience!!
  3. Can't wait for your posts + pictures! Only a few more days in the countdown!
  4. I would love to hear more about this! I just replied to another comment about the Thanksgiving sailing, but it seems you might be the go-to guru having done the last 3 years! How is it? @eaglesfaninfl
  5. We just booked Brilliance for the Thanksgiving 2019 cruise as well. Excited to be sailing on Brilliance for the first time and first ever holiday cruise. Any tip or inside tricks to cruising over a holiday, would love to know!
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