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    I'm having a senior moment! What is GS? I'm hoping I am one and don't know it.!
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    Grand Suite¬†ūüėĀ
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    Dad taught me about rolling clothes, evidently originated in the Navy.  Worked well for 10 years on the road.
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    Same prices we saw on the Allure in March.  We only used the pressings for one formal night dinner and everything came back on time and in great shape, wrinkle free.  The rest of the time we just used the "hang it up in the bathroom during a shower" trick and everything turned out fine.  I roll my clothes rather than folding them and it makes a big difference in both space-efficiency in the suitcase and minimizing wrinkles.
    We really didn't miss having access to an iron.
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    Same price schedule was on Freedom earlier this year, so most likely a fleet-wide standard. The suit pressing service is great, I had to take advantage of it after having to keep my suit, which was packed as carefully as I could manage, in my suitcase for three full days as we arrived in FLL a couple of days before departure. They delivered the suit in time for formal night, looking good as new!
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    As a Carnival cruiser converted to Royal this is something I've learned to get over and it hasn't turned out to be an issue for me.
    Couple of things:
    1. I bring Downy wrinkle release.  Travel size bottles available at places like Target.  I give my shirts and jacket a quick spray, crank the shower on hot and use the bathroom as a steam room for a few minutes to aid in releasing any wrinkles.
    2. Rolling certain clothes loosely can reduce wrinkles (frequent business traveler trick).
    3. You can request just pressing or steaming only without a full dry cleaning or washing.  Price schedule from Anthem 2018 attached:

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