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  1. After Dinner I Went To Bed Sorry For No Photos. Tomorrow Will Be Long Day.
  2. After Muster I Went To The Centrum To Hear Some Music. The Music Was Prerecorded
  3. Room Tour Ocean View Cabin #3086 The Bathroom The Smallest TV At Sea The Bed.
  4. -Day One - Port Everglades Went To Denny's For Breakfast The Did The Three Hour Drive To The Port. Got To The Port Around Twelve And Board The Boat By Twelve forty-five. Then We Went To The Windjammer. Boy It Was Packed. For Lunch I Had A Hamburgers With Chesses.
  5. Hi Everyone And Welcome To My Not Live Blog From The Majesty. My Original Idea Was Not Write A Blog But I Did. . -The Backstory- Two Weeks To Christmas I Was Looking At The Deal Page On RCI Website And Found This Great Deal.The Great Deal Was That For All Three Of Us Tax Tip And Port Fees The Price Came To Around $900 Dollars For A Ocean View. On This Sailing The Ocean View Was Cheaper Than A Interior. So I Went To My Grandparents A Showed Them This And I Said @Matt Famous Words "Yolo Book It". So We Did. On This Sailing Just Me And My Two Grandparents Will Be On This Sailing. The Ports We Will Be Going To Is Cozumel, Costa Maya And We Will Be Leaving Out Of Port Everglades.The Plans For This Cruise Is To Spend Lots Of Time With My Grandparents .In After That There Is No Other Plans. So With That Being Said Let Start The Blog
  6. Now Its Is Near 500. https://www.msn.com/en-us/news/us/nearly-500-people-are-now-sick-on-royal-caribbean-cruise-ship/ar-BBS7KiU?ocid=spartanntp
  7. So I Guess The Photos/Info Will Come Out Some Time This Summer.
  8. Also Found This On CC https://boards.cruisecritic.com/topic/2622422-harmony-of-the-seas-guest-falls-from-deck-16-onto-labadee-pier/
  9. HI Everyone Is Anyone Sailing On Harmony Sep. 15 2019. If So Comment Below. So I Can Add You To The List.
  10. Well They Are On The Same Voyage Me And @Twangster Fan Did Three Months Ago. A Rumors Has It That They Be Back Port Canaveral By Saturday Or Friday Night.
  11. Just A Guess But Maybe Its Free. Calling @Matt. Maybe He Knows
  12. Keep Them As A Reminder Of You Cruise.
  13. Now Here Are Some Sunset Photos I Found On The Flash Drive. Hope You Enjoy This.
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