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  1. SO, SO, SO frustrating! I booked a few months ago and have tried to get on here and there for cruise planner stuff and I'm "locked out" at least 50% of the time. I've tried clearing cache, cookies, browsing history, incognito, edge, chrome, explorer, desktop, laptop, tablet, phone and it's just a MESS. I managed to get in once to check in last week and got started but since then every time I've tried to get back to check in it's been "reservation XXXXX is temporarily unavailable, so check in another guest or try again later." FOR REAL? What are the odds I can check in another guest that's NOT on this same reservation???? And why on earth would I think THAT reservation would actually work???? Vacation planning should be fun and exciting - this is the complete opposite! Thanks for listening...
  2. Sorry about your family member. And sorry you lost so much money - $1,000 is a lot of money for a trip you cannot take. (Not saying it's RCI's fault or your fault - either way it sucks for you!)
  3. Hello! We are sailing in Independence on March 9th and I'm looking for information on when Ocean Adventure will be open. My nearly-7-year-old took a Royal cruise with us when she was almost 5 and is super excited to do the "kids club" but it's hard to find information about open hours! Anyone know of a good place to search for the daily hours? Trying to plan dinner and the other things she'll love doing this time around now that she's bigger and can do more of the activities! (She was so sad to not be old enough to do the rock wall last time!)
  4. Wow - even a picture, @Lovetocruise2002!!! Thanks! And thanks to @FlowBro Ty - that's probably a pretty heavy indicator of what they can make, huh? Has anyone had the gluten free crust? (I know that at some place the GF option is thin.)
  5. Hey all - first post here! Excited to read everything - we're headed out on Independence in March. (Have been on several cruises before and Royal Caribbean twice - how did I not find this blog before?!) My parents are on the cruise, too, and they were looking forward to having pizza on their balcony for dinner one night. They really like thin crust pizza. Is it possible to order this through room service or Sorrento's? (I read the post about the quality of pizza - I'm hoping it is better! We had some a couple of years ago on Mariner and it was edible but nothing terrific!) Thanks for any help you can provide!
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