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  1. Cancelled and rebought the refreshment package for our November Anthem cruise.
  2. Yeah I did a double-take on that too! We liked Anthem. In fact we'll be back on board her in November for our honeymoon
  3. Coco Cay doesn't have a dock (they're building one that's due to open in June, I think) so you need to use small tender boats to get to the island. If the weather and/or seas aren't good, you may not be able to get to Coco Cay. We missed out on our Jet Ski excursions because of that (the money was refunded however.)
  4. You can have the gratuities removed from your account if you'd rather tip crew members directly.
  5. The recent Anthem New Year's Eve cruise was supposed to have a prohibition party; we were looking forward to it. They cancelled it before we even set sail. No reason was given why. Make sure you check before you spend any money on costumes or clothing to see if they cancelled it again.
  6. We were on that cruise on Anthem a few weeks ago. The New Years Eve party is crazy. One big party from stem to stern and a balloon drop in the Royal Esplanade at midnight.
  7. Could be a few different reasons. 1. Your phone and your tablet run different versions of Android and RC didn't flag the app as being compatible with the version of Android on your tablet. 2. RC deliberately marked the app as not compatible with tablets because they (or most likely the firm they outsourced the development to) developed it with a phone interface in mind and didn't design a tablet-friendly user interface. 3. Tablets usually don't have the voice and texting capabilities that a phone has. When you build an Android app, you mark it as whether the voice and texting capabilities are required. If RC marked them as required (or more likely forgot to mark them as not required) you won't be able to install it on your tablet. Even if you could force the app to install on your tablet, if the app assumes that voice and text capabilities are present, it will pretty quickly crash.
  8. My step-daughter-in-waiting got sick the day before we were due to leave on Anthem over New Year's. Ibuprofen, DayQuil, and AirBorne. She mostly slept the first two sea days and by the time we got to Nassau she was feeling much better. Now my girlfriend and her mother aren't feeling well. Finger's crossed I don't get sick too.
  9. We just returned from the Anthem New Year's Eve cruise and saw them taking down all the decorations. Ours was Port Liberty to Port Canaveral to Nassau to CocoCay; we also had to skip CocoCay due to weather. This was my first cruise; already starting to plan the next one.
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